5 Projects You Need for Read a Book Day

Are you an avid reader like me? Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi/Romance is my favorite type of book. Yes, that’s a very small niche, but it’s out there. And it keeps me distracted from dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping for hours . . . dare I say, days! There’s plenty of macaroni and cheese in the cupboard, so it’s not like the family goes hungry when I’m binge-reading. Really, the only hazard people can face with prolonged reading is being sedentary and getting cold. Thankfully, as crocheters, we have the skills needed to make blankets, sweaters, and fingerless mitts to keep ourselves cozy and warm while we disappear into another world.

So today, as we celebrate Read a Book Day, I want to recommend 5 crochet projects to keep you warm from head to toe as your mind enters an alternate reality.

bed head slouchy hat

1. Your Read a Book Day Hat

You’re going to need a hat, because if the book has really captured your attention, chances are you’re not tearing yourself away long enough to take a shower. Try the Bed Head Slouchy Hat from Love of Crochet Fall 2017.

2. All You Need Is a Book & This Sweater

This is the easiest way to wrap yourself in warmth. Two projects in particular that I’d recommend are the Varsity Jacket and the Bookworm Sweater & Cowl Set from Love of Crochet Fall 2017. I selected these specifically because if you come to a particularly steamy section, you may need to unbutton the jacket or remove the cowl for a bit of air.

crochet fingerless mitts

3. Fingerless Mitts, of Course

You can sit on your hands or tuck them under your arms, but the easiest solution for cold hands is fingerless mitts. A side benefit to a pair like the Apple Picking Mitts from Love of Crochet Fall 2017 is that with your fingers free, you can also grab a quick snack to munch on. The characters in your novel won’t mind your loud munching.

4. Toasty Toes for Read a Book Day

Cold feet are my biggest problem when reading. If you’re the same, then you know how essential socks are to a reader’s wardrobe. Rohn Strong’s book Step Into Crochet provides lots of beautiful options for short and long socks, perfect for warmer or cooler climates.

5. A Book & a Blanket – What Else Is There?

An afghan is generally the first thing we reach for when we get a chill while reading. I love the Harvest Moon Afghan from Love of Crochet Fall 2017 because it’s easy to modify the size from a small lapghan to a blanket large enough for 2. I mean, what could be more fun that reading a book aloud to your kids or sweetie?!

Which projects do you like to use to keep warm while reading? Let me know in the comments.


Read a Book Day is Every Day… Right?


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