5 Handmade Projects Worthy of a Royal Baby

There’s definitely a case of royal fever going around at the Interweave office! The birth of the royal baby yesterday had us cooing over pictures of the royal family and looking through old magazines for the very best in royal-worthy baby couture while we wait to hear the name of the new little prince.

If there’s a baby on the way in your life who may not be “royal” in title, but who is certainly a little prince or princess in your eyes, check out these beautiful, elegant, and sometimes whimsical projects, from knitting patterns to crochet patterns to weaving drafts. They’re sure to make any baby feel like a prince or princess and any mother feel like a queen!

Elegant Bonnets

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Keep a newborn’s head warm and covered while showing off some of your finest stitchwork! Beautiful lace and eyelets cover the knitted Beloved Baby Bonnet, inspired by a hand-embroidered infant’s bonnet from the Regency era. The gauge is very fine, making this a true heirloom piece, but the size is so small that you could still make this cap for a spring baby.

Another knitted option is the Bonnet and Wristlets for Baby Emma. This pattern was inspired by the bonnet knitted for Jane Austen’s protagonist Emma Woodhouse, then passed on to Emma’s niece and namesake, baby Emma. It features beautiful openwork and a star-pattern crown, and is sure to delight a mother who loves literature.

If you want to crochet a cap that will turn heads, check out this Christening Bonnet to Irish Crochet, a stunning lace bonnet covered in Irish crochet motifs like clematis, grapes, vines, and roses. For a more subtle but still intricate heirloom crochet bonnet, take a look at the filet crochet Bonne Rose Baby Bonnet, an openwork bonnet with a customizable band adorned with the baby’s initials, birth date, and a beautiful rose motif.

Beautiful Blankets

Handwoven baby blankets are a perennial favorite project for weavers and there are countless options available. The Rosebud Baby Blanket is an elegant 8-shaft option that can be woven in any color combination.

If you’re looking for a more colorful but still lovely option, check out the Baby Blankets in M’s and O’s, a super soft project woven in washable cotton on a 4-shaft loom.

Precious Booties

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One of my favorite things about the royal family is all the traditions that surround weddings, births, and daily life. The adorable Barron-Gibb Baby Booties  were designed as part of the designer’s family tradition of making handknit booties for newborns. The designer deciphered the vintage handwritten pattern for a new generation and is passing the tradition on to you!

Sweetest Sweaters

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Once baby grows up a little, it’s time for adorable handmade garments! Our first pick is The Crown Prince’s Sweater, a sweet sweater knitting pattern inspired by a sweater worn by three-year-old Crown Prince Harald of Norway.

A cute unisex option with a bit of whimsy is the Elephant Safari Vest, a gorgeous colorwork vest that allows you to practice your steeking on a small-scale project. Plus, you’ll end up with an adorable vest for the prince or princess in your life.

Princely Playtime

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Crochet is your friend when it comes time to create fun, colorful toys for the little one to play with. Start with Brenda K. B. Anderson’s adorable Queen Bee Stacking Toy, a brand new project with some serious royal flair.

Another fun option for a slightly older child is the Circus Train Set, available as both a crochet pattern and a knitting pattern. Stitch up an engine, coal car, zoo car, and caboose for hours of fun play!

Let the birth of the royal family’s new prince serve as a reminder that every baby is a royal baby in the eyes of his or her parents and the friends and family who love them. Which projects have caught your eye or would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Yours in Stitches,

Give Any Baby the Royal Treatment


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