Crochet and Knitting Patterns eBook: 5 Free Patterns

The free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Techniques eBook comes with 5 free crochet and knitting patterns. I started crocheting as a teenager. At the same time, I tried my hands at knitting, but two or four needles were too confusing for me. Years later I again picked up a set of knitting needles. I had fallen in love with several projects that beautifully paired the solid textured stitches of knitting with the elegance of crochet lace. This love, of patterns that marry knitting and crochet, is what led Knitting Daily Editor Kathleen Cubley and I to create this 5 Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns eBook. As Kathleen says, “Knitting loves crochet … knitting and crochet are sisters, really, who share the same history and tradition in the world of needlework.” We hope you will enjoy the beauty of both crafts in these exquisite patterns.


Knit + crochet, two strong forces in the fiber world brought together in an incredible collection of free crochet and knitting patterns. This eBook will help crocheters sharpen some basic knitting skills, while enjoying creating and assembling a variety of projects. Begin exploring with the Lacy Cables Scarf, showcasing a reversible cable bordered by garter stitch for the center and a lovely openwork crochet edging for a finishing touch. Then in the Snow Queen Hat, combine a simple knit base with separately crocheted motifs for a lovely winter warmer.

Start the Snowflake Sweater by working up the front and back crochet motifs and then knit around the motifs, finishing with an ingenious seeming technique to pull it all together. Next, see how the Mélange Turtleneck comes together with a densely knit body and lacey shells forming the sleeves for a functional and feminine garment. Finally, the BFF Finger Puppets bring crochet + knitting together in harmony to create one knit and one crochet finger puppet with fun embroidered features. Try one or all five designs when you download your free crochet and knitting patterns eBook!

5 Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns

Lacy Cables Scarf by Annette Petavy

The Lacy Cables Scarf is a crochet and knitting pattern found in our free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Techniques eBook. Accessories are the perfect opportunity to brush up on both knitting and crochet skills, which is why we love this delightful scarf. The center of this crochet + knit scarf is a 1×1 rib cable with a layer of garter stitch for definition, followed by a layer of lacy openwork crochet edging. Catch up with cables and make yourself the perfect cold weather accessory! This pattern pairs an elegant knitted cable with an openwork crochet edging. This simple knitting and crochet pattern is a great introduction to knitting cables, and the sophisticated edging is the perfect finishing touch.

Snow Queen Hat by Anastasia Popova

The Snow Queen Hat is an easy crochet pattern found in our free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Techniques eBook. A simple stockinette hat is the perfect background for a crochet motif band. If you are a new crocheter or knitter, this is the perfect pattern to try your skills on. Detailed stitch diagrams help illustrate the delicate crochet motifs. Work knit stitch in the round for the entire hat base, then attach your separate motifs to the brim for a sweet finish. Enjoy this simple crochet and knitting combination pattern to whip up a hat that is sure to become a favorite.

Snowflake Sweater by Mari Lynn Patrick

The Snowflake Sweater is a beautiful crochet pattern that features motifs and can be found in our free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Techniques eBook. This pattern uses clever crochet patterning to create beautiful motifs for the front and back of this crochet/knit sweater. Knitted panels are worked around the motifs to create the sweater and inventive crochet seaming joins the pieces to create a remarkable sweater. The crochet motifs in the back and front of this sweater are sure to get noticed, but where would they be without their knitted support? Work up each motif then use basic knitting skills to shape the yarn around them. Finish off with a clever crochet technique to seam the pieces together, and you’ve got one inspired sweater.

Melange Turtleneck by Katie Himmelberg

The Melange Turtleneck is a great/knit crochet pattern found in our free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Technique eBook. This is a beautiful melding of knit and crochet techniques. A stockinette knit creates a solid body and shell stitch crochet sleeves highlight the ability of crochet to create gorgeous lace. Try this great knit/crochet sweater in a single color or two for an instant favorite. A soft halo of baby alpaca makes this sweater soft and warm. Layer the sweater for a warmer option, or wear on its own, it’s up to you!

BFF Finger Puppets by Marcy Smith

The BFF Finger Puppets is a pattern that includes a crochet finger doll and a knitting pattern. This pattern can be found in our free Exploring Knitting and Crochet Techniques eBook. These best friends are sure to delight kids of all ages. Both are finished with a few embellishments. Work up a whole set to put on a fibery show, and show off your crochet and knitting skills. This pattern brings knit and crochet together in perfect harmony. One doll is knitted and the other is crocheted. Both are simple to create. The features are embroidered. Create an entire village of fiber loving friends for a little girl in your life.

Calling all crocheters! Grab this 5 Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns eBook to discover a delightful collection of free knit and crochet patterns. Brush up on your knitting skills and use your love of crochet to work up fun accessories, garments, and a few joyful finger puppets. What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to get started!


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