5 Crochet Projects Perfect for Any Parade

When I was growing up, the local Labor Day Parade symbolized fall’s approach. I have fond memories of arriving way before it started to make sure no one moved the chairs my grandpa set in place even earlier that morning. Then I would wait impatiently for the parade to start. If I had known how to crochet then, time would have passed much more quickly!


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Now that I do know how to crochet, I have a whole slew of projects that I can either make at a parade or make to use at a parade. I have so many projects, in fact, that I’ve had to narrow it down. Without further ado, here are my top parade-perfect project picks:

1. Blanket

If there aren’t enough chairs, the people on the ground need comfort too. My Favorite Play Blanket will accomplish just that. Whether you take the finished object to the parade or work on it before/during the event, this project is a great one due to its simplicity. It only uses 2 colors, and it’s a basic granny square pattern until you get to the edging.

crochet blanket

2. Games

You have your crochet, but the kids will need something to do too. Checkerboard Crochet is perfect for meeting this objective. Yes, I realize that this one is also a blanket, but it doubles as a game! Just bring along the pieces, and your kids are set for a rousing game of checkers while you wait for the parade to pass by.

checkerboard crochet

3. Cushions

If your lawn chairs are anything like the ones I used growing up, you’ll probably need some padding to make them more comfortable. The Chain Stitch Cushion and Limpet Chair Pad offer cute crocheted comfort. Make a couple in coordinating or contrasting colors, and you’ll have the most stylish chairs at the parade.

crochet cushion


crochet chair pad

4. Project(s)

The time you’re sitting and waiting is perfect for allowing you to get started on your holiday gift making. Two easy, portable projects are the Textured Scrubbies and/or the Chunky Doily Rug from Crochet at Home . Both of these projects can fit in a tote for easy crochet on the go!

crochet scrubbies


crochet doily rug

5. Tote

Okay, let’s say that for some crazy reason, you don’t feel like crocheting. You’ll still need a tote to take something to do while you’re waiting! This Beach Tote is perfect thanks to the straps, drawstring top, and sunglasses pocket.

crochet tote

So those are my top picks. What are yours? Do you have something in particular you like to work on while you’re sitting and waiting? If so, please let us know!

Happy Stitching!


Put Your Crochet Projects on Parade!


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