5 Cozy Crochet Shawls to Make This Winter

Until this year, I felt pretty intimidated by the idea of making a shawl. So much yarn, so many stitches . . . I wasn’t sure there was anything in the world more unapproachable than crochet shawls except for, perhaps, sweaters.

I’ve slowly become more and more enamored with the idea of making one, however, due to the simple fact that they’re beautiful, and they come in such variety! As the weather has turned colder, I’ve started coming across yarn in my stash that simply begs to be stitched up into a big, beautiful shawl. If you’re like me and considering a shawl this year, you should check out Interweave’s gorgeous array of crocheted shawls, wraps, stoles and shrugs. I’ve certainly found a lot of inspiration there. Below are five of my favorites:

The Mondaine Shawl by Jane Howorth

The Mondaine Shawl

The Mondaine Shawl

This gorgeous shawl is very straightforward, using a two-row repeat to create a stunning visual effect. The triple treble crochet stitches create a lacy design that lets the color of the yarn shine through. Crocheted in a wool/silk blend, this shawl is the perfect layering piece for the transition into winter.

The Fall River Shawl by Lisa Naskrent

The Fall River Shawl by Lisa Naskrent

The Fall River Shawl

This lacy beauty is crocheted with a delicate combination of post stitches, single crochets and chains. The gorgeous diamond shapes that make up the shawl’s body are complemented by floral-inspired stitches that emerge between the triangular scallops. When I started looking at shawls, this is one that caught my eye due to the number of gorgeous projects on its Ravelry page; check them out if you haven’t!

The Sandolo Shawl by Melinda Miller

The Sandolo Shawl by Melinda Miller

The Sandolo Shawl

You’ve probably seen a sandolo before, in pictures of Venice: sandoli are flat-bottomed boats used in the Venetian Lagoon. They are usually less elaborate than gondolas, but no less beautiful. Similarly, this gorgeously textured shawl is fairly straightforward once you get going, with an alluring open-work look that resembles the tangled streets of Venice.

The Tunisian Crescent Shawlette by Juliette Bezold

Tunisian crochet shawl Crescent Shawlette by Juliette Bezold

The Tunisian Crescent Shawlette

If you’ve ever wanted to try Tunisian crochet, this would be a good project for you! The lacy elements of the pattern give this piece an airy lightness, and since it’s worked from the outside in, the shawl is quick to stitch up.

The Wrapped in Lace Shawl by Natasha Robarge

The Wrapped in Lace Shawl by Natasha Robarge

The Wrapped in Lace Shawl

Crocheted in a super bulky weight wool and mohair blend, this deliciously voluminous shawl is perfect for cold weather. Since the yarn weight is so heavy, this is a project that’s perfect for quick stitching. Not only that, but the pattern is easy to memorize!

Crochet Shawl Collection

If you’re hungry for more, take a look at the many beautiful crochet shawl patterns for inspiration. Here’s hoping you’ll find your perfect shawl soon!

Be sure to count your stitches.

Featured image at top: Photos by Harper Point Photography.

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