Beginner Crochet Patterns You’ll Actually Want to Make

Did you make a new year’s resolution to learn to crochet in 2018? Or are you a beginner who’s ready to move beyond swatches and basic dishcloths? Well, you’ve come to the right place—Interweave has tons of fantastic beginner crochet patterns you will actually want to make.

As a beginner myself, I know how difficult it can be to find cute crochet patterns for my skill level. (Most of the patterns I do find are . . . not great.) One of my new year’s resolutions is to crochet more and expand my skills, so I’ve been digging through our archives to find simple patterns I actually want to make. Here my 5 favorite beginner crochet patterns!

beginner crochet patterns

1. Hi-Fi Hat

I’ve been obsessed with the Hi-Fi Hat since I first saw it in Crochetscene 2017. The chunky yarn and simple stitch pattern work up quickly, even for a beginner, and I just can’t resist that pom-pom. This hat is #1 in my 2018 crochet project queue!

beginner crochet patterns

2. Sprouting Poppy Coaster

The Sprouting Poppy Coaster is another one of my obsessions from 2017. It’s just so dang cute! Practice your single crochets on the white background, then challenge yourself a bit with the poppies by working double crochets into an adjustable ring.

beginner crochet patterns

3. Ginger Scarf

The lightweight and lacy Ginger Scarf from Crochetscene 2014 might look intimidating, but don’t be afraid! You only need to know a few basic crochet stitches to create this lovely scarf that will carry you from winter into spring.

beginner crochet patterns

4. Crocheted Banner

The first thing I ever crocheted was designed by Meredith Crawford (aka One Social Girl), and the clear, well-written instructions—not to mention the adorable final product—made me want to crochet more of her designs, starting with this darling banner. Create the background with simple stitches, then try your hand at surface crochet for a fun and interesting challenge. Best of all, this pattern comes with a video tutorial that guides you through every step so you can create this cute piece with confidence!

5. Cabled Scarf

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, try this funky scarf from Interweave Crochet Fall 2014. The asymmetrical design includes a few stitches you know and a few that might be new to you, but the clear instructions will guide you through. Crocheted in a bulky yarn with a large hook, this cozy scarf works up quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time to wear it before the weather warms!

I hope one (or more) of these patterns makes it into your 2018 crochet project queue. If you have a favorite beginner project, please share it in the comments!

Happy crocheting,

Beginner Crochet Patterns to Start Your Crafty New Year

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