4 Ways to Style a Beaded Necklace

It’s officially National Craft Month! To kick it off, we are offering a little “outside the box” crafting action for you crocheters out there that enjoy bringing a little shine to the fore. Make a beaded crochet necklace to brighten up even a basic tee with instant sparkle. Kristin Omdahl’s Beach Jewelry can glam up your wardrobe anywhere from the office to a girls’ night out.

Beginner and advanced crocheters alike will love this easy design. Work up two short and four long lengths of beaded chain work, then tie them together. Then style on the go for four different looks!

—Dana Bincer
Associate Editor, Love of Crochet

How to Style a Beaded Necklace

Beaded Cords

Bring the small single stranded sections together to form a ring, then slip over your head. This style glams up any kind of “classic” ensemble, from twinset and slacks to blouse and business suit. It can work with a high or low neckline and will draw eyes up to your face.

Cupped Y
crochet necklace

Put your head through both big loops, then place one short length at the back of your neck. The other short length of chain will create a Y shape near your waist. This look highlights your torso from bust to waist.

Cross-Body Drape

Tuck your arms through the larger loops, centering the shorter panels on your front and back—this look adds sparkle to both sides of your outfit!

Long Loops
crochet necklace

Throw one long loop around your neck, letting the other long loop and the shorter panels drape in front. Try this look over a dress, tunic, or long tank—it will call attention to your waist and hip area.

Make Your Own Beaded Necklace

Buy the pattern for the Fast and Fabulous Beach Jewelry instantly: you can download your copy today and make a stylish necklace tonight.

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