4 Tips for the Perfect Crocheted Bag

I have a bit of a bag obsession. I own more bags than anyone should possibly be able to use, but I never seem to lack for a crochet project to carry in each one. So I was excited to watch Knitting Daily Episode 809, Carry-All. In this episode, Kristin Omdahl illustrates a few tips for a better crocheted bag. Let me share with you some of my favorite tips:


Cosmopolitan Bag, Knitting Daily TV
Episode 809


1. Durable

If I am making a delicate clutch for a special occasion, I reach straight for the silk, but for my well-used market, messenger, or project bags, I want a sturdier fabric. It is important to choose a durable yarn that will not pill and that will wear well. Wool, cotton, linen, and blend yarns are all great choices for resilient crocheted bags. In the 809 episode of Knitting Daily TV, Kristin Omdahl creates a beautifully textured project bag with nylon cording.

Brenda's Basketweave Bag,
Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010

2. Sturdy Handle

For me, a bag's handle is one of the most important features. If you are crocheting a messenger bag, such as Brenda's Basketweave Bag, choose a yarn that is sturdy and will be able to absorb the weight of the satchel's contents without stretching. For little bags, such as the Hialeah Bag, there are a variety of handles you can purchase in an assortment of materials. Choose something that feels comfortable in your hand. I love the spiral bag handle Kristin demonstrates on the Crochet Corner. This sturdy handle would be perfect for a bag or purse.


Hialeah Bag, Interweave Crochet
Spring 2011

3. Solid

It is important to find a stitch pattern that will keep all of your valuables inside your bag. If you are crocheting a project bag and want to make sure the hooks and stitch markers can't slip out between the stitches, chose a nice, solid stitch pattern. The dense Tunisian stitches of the Swing Satchel create a simple solid fabric. Lacey stitches and motifs can also be used, with the addition of a solid fabric liner as with the Hialeah Bag. On the Crochet Corner, Kristin Omhal suggests experimenting with going down a hook size to create a tighter fabric.


Swing Satchel, Interweave Crochet
Accessories 2011

4. Eye Catching

Of course the most important aspect of any crocheted bag is its personality. Choose a pattern that expresses your style and shows of the extraordinary possibilities of crochet, whether that is the bead crochet of the Heading South Rasta Bag or the tantalizing texture of Brenda's Basketweave Bag.

Start your own crocheted bag today and check out Knitting Daily TV. You will find more crochet tips and inspiration from Kristin Omdahl on each episode's Crochet Corner. Order your copy of Knitting Daily TV Series 800 today

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