3 Ways to Style the Enchanted Wolf Scarf

I’m not always the most creative person when it comes to fashion. I typically spend at least 5 minutes in my closet each morning trying to come up with new combinations for my clothes, but before I can come up with anything good, I panic about the time and default to my jeans-and-sweater winter uniform. A good accessory like a crochet scarf (one of my winter go-tos!) lets me to mix things up without having to get too creative, but even the best accessories get stale if I wear them the same way over and over.

That’s why I love these styling posts—they’re so helpful when I need a little inspiration. So when I added Michelle Moore’s Enchanted Wolf Scarf from Interweave Crochet Winter 2018 to my project queue, I asked Interweave Crochet Editor and super-stylish lady Sara Dudek if she had any ideas on how I could style it so I could avoid falling into a fashion rut. If, like me, you need a little styling inspo, check out these 3 great ideas!

enchanted wolf scarf

1. Wrapped Twice with Hood

For ultimate winter comfort and coziness, wrap this scarf twice and create a hood. If you hate getting hat hair but want to keep your head warm when the temperature drops, this is the style for you.

enchanted wolf scarf

2. Wrapped Twice

Not feeling the hood? Just wrap this beauty twice around your neck and don’t bring it up over your head. This gives it a more cowl-like appearance, which is fun and extra-warm!

3. Long Cowl with Hood

If you need to keep your head warm but don’t want anything bulky around your neck (or if the scarf won’t fit under your coat if it’s wrapped twice), try it as a long and loose scarf with a hood. You’ll stay warm but won’t overheat up top!

Bonus #4: No Fringe or Hood

Love the stitch pattern but not crazy about the fringe or hood? Crochet it without them! Crochet Project Editor Susanna Tobias crocheted a fringe- and hood-free version for her sister, who wanted a simpler look. The resulting scarf keeps the interesting ribbed stitch but has a more minimalist vibe.

No matter how you style it, this rib-stitch infinity scarf will be your go-to accessory as you wait out the rest of these cold winter days. Style it a different way whenever you wear it for a fresh-looking outfit every time!

Happy crocheting,

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