3 Tips for Thread Crochet

Today I am watching Irish Crochet & Clones Lace with Maire Treanor again. I love listening to Maire's Irish accent, and the history she tells of this incredible technique and its origins is both fascinating and inspiring.

  Thread Crochet lace
  Maìre Treanor's Burano Clones Lace Mask

She begins her workshop with a history of Irish crochet and Clones lace, and as she walks through the creation of multiple Irish crochet motifs, she peppers the instructions with Irish crochet tales. One of my favorites is the famine hook. These hooks were used traditionally to create Clones lace. The hook was carved from wood and a steel shaft was inserted into the handle. When the hook broke, a new hook and shaft were crafted and inserted into the old handle. Imagine never having to throw away that hook that fit perfectly in your hand.

Traditionally, Clones lace is worked in thread. Crocheting with thread can be a bit different for crocheters who are used to working with yarn. And Clones lace can use thread as small as size 60. Here are a three tips to help you on your foray into thread crochet:

  • Crocheting with thread is perfect for those of us who crochet tightly. Use a tighter tension when you are crocheting with thread than you would normally when crocheting with yarn. Especially when you are working the detailed motifs of Clones lace, the texture of the stitches is an important design element.
  • Use a steel hook with a larger wood or plastic handle. The diameter of a plain steel hook is tiny, even to those of us with small hands. Hours spent gripping this tiny handle can quickly lead to hand strain. There are a wonderful variety of steel crochet hooks now available with wood, plastic, or clay handles. You can also add your own clay or felt handles to steel hooks. Believe me, your hands will thank you.
  • Don't crochet with your work too close. Especially with the tiny thread stitches, the instinct is to hold a thread project close to you face and eyes. This will quickly cause eye and neck strain. Make sure you are in an area with good light, and crochet with your work about waist level.  Once you get the hang of the pattern, try crocheting while watching a good movie or visiting with friends.
Irish Crochet  

Learn to create your own Irish crochet masterpieces as well as the history of this incredible technique with Irish Crochet & Clones Lace with Maire Treanor. You can purchase this amazing DVD or download the workshop today. What will you create with Irish crochet?

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P.S. What are your tips for crocheting with thread?


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