3 Tips for Crocheting Home Décor

As a stitcher, no one needs to tell you what a versatile needlecraft crochet is. This versatility is a big part of what makes it ideal for crocheting home décor. If you haven’t yet sunk your hook into making home dec items, consider these 3 tips to get started:

Crocheting Home Décor

1. Showcase some not-mass-produced personality.

There is some very appealing “unique” home décor in stores these days. Much of it was clearly inspired by the DIY approach to decorating that was pioneered by creative individuals everywhere. Sure, this store-bought décor looks cute in your house, but now that you can buy it at Target, it’s not exactly unique. If you want to infuse your home with true originality and crafty personality, crochet is the perfect way to do it. No one else can put together a pattern and colors or choose the right project for a room like you.

Crocheting Home Décor

2. A is for Afghan . . . but don’t forget about the rest of the alphabet!

Sure, throws and blankets are the quintessential crocheted home décor, but there is ever so much more that you can make with a little yarn and hook. Think beyond the blanket and start stitching for every room— trivets, coasters, pillow covers, and bookends for a start! Take advantage of crochet’s ability to create 2-D and 3-D shapes; you’re sure to find a way to incorporate it into every room in a surprising or interesting way.

3. Give your signature colors the spotlight.

Yarn colors used for a pattern are just a suggestion. While making a pattern with the exact color yarn used in the published photos has its own appeal, don’t hesitate to pick another colorway that better suits you and your décor. Crochet pieces like pillows or baskets are a great opportunity to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Have fun with it!

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Quick Crochet for the Home by Tamara Kelly is available now. Check it out for more great décor project ideas for your entire home.

Get to Crocheting Home Décor!


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