3 Audiobooks to Enjoy as You Crochet Away for the Holidays

|Sponsored| Ah, the holiday season: by now, crocheters have been putting their hooks to work for months making gifts. Or, at least, many planned to start months ago. If you’re behind on the gift-making curve, having audiobooks at the ready may be your key to getting caught up. Listening along will make your stitches fly off the hook, and your projects will be done in no time!

Audiobooks are also a lifesaver if you’re heading home. Pick a great book for the plane, train, or car—just avoid stitching and driving. Once you reach your destination, gather around with family, turn up the speakers, and share a heart-warming story. Seeking alone time during that visit? Your audiobook, crochet project, and headphones will project the “do not disturb” message.

Whatever you’re planning for the holidays, Penguin Random House offers audiobooks to keep by your side and in your ears while you stitch up gifts, take your journey home, or surround yourself with family members.

A Little Christmas + A Little Crochet

~ Susanna Tobias, Project Editor, Crochet

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of year. Getting together with family and friends, indulging in treats you don’t get to enjoy any other time of year, watching Christmas movies while a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace—it’s magical. This year, I decided to start on my Christmas preparations a little early by modifying a rug pattern while listening to Merry and Bright, Debbie Macomber’s newest novel. This sweet Christmas story centers around Merry Knight and Jason Bright—two people who meet online without realizing that they’ve also met in person.

audiobookAs I read this story, I definitely found myself identifying with the characters, especially Merry. Not only do I have a close-knit family who loves to celebrate the holidays, but I’ve actually tried online dating a time or two myself! Completely rapt, there was no stopping my stitches as I waited to see what would happen between Merry and Jason. To avoid spoilers, I won’t give any more details, but I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed.

The book’s pace and narrator were a perfect combination. Usually when I listen to audiobooks, if I’m not doing something that makes me unable to hold a book, I grow impatient with the speed of the narration and give up on the audiobook so I can read at my own pace. With this book, that didn’t happen. The narrator lent character to the voices with storytelling expertise, and kept me “hooked” with each chapter.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-digest Christmas novel to gear up for the holidays, put this one at the top of your list. Or add it to your wish list and listen just after Christmas to keep the holiday spirit around a little longer. Either way, this “merry and bright” book is one you don’t want to miss!

Click here to sample Merry and Bright.

Heading Home with a Superhero

~ Sara Dudek, Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Traveling to a small town for the holidays? You’ll want to take this audiobook on the road with you. Filled with suspense and plot twists, Krysten Ritter’s Bonfire and your latest crochet project will make flights, bus rides, and car travel a thousand times more enjoyable.

audiobookCentral character Abby Williams hasn’t looked back for almost 10 years after leaving her small Indiana hometown. She lives in Chicago now, working as an environmental lawyer. When a few residents from her hometown begin complaining of illness, Abby returns to investigate. Her team is ready to take on the large factory that has created new businesses, more jobs, and prosperity, but might also be poisoning the water. Nothing is what it seems, and Abby realizes just what an outsider she has become in the place where she grew up.

Hopefully, your travels home are mild compared to Abby’s. Her story is quite the thriller! But even if your flight is delayed or that bus breaks down, you’ll be happily entertained with this captivating book. Your crochet project will only benefit from the pace of this engrossing plot. Added bonus: author Krysten Ritter is not only an actress and author but also a crafter! I wonder if she envisioned crocheters stitching to this audiobook as she was writing it? Bonfire is just what you need to keep you entertained on long travels to small towns (or home for the holidays).

Listen to a sample of Bonfire here.

Audiobooks and Crochet Hooks—An Escape Route

~ Jenna Fear, Editorial Assistant, Specialty Fiber

Could you spend 7 days quarantined in a house with your family? The thought was, at first, panic-inducing to me. If you’re anything like me, you love your family, but being around all of them for an extended period of time can be . . . taxing. Francesca Hornak understands that, and her novel Seven Days of Us explores family relationships under the most arduous of circumstances.

audiobookWhen Dr. Olivia Birch returns to her family’s home in Norfolk, England, for the holidays, the family must stay in quarantine for 7 days as a precaution against the deadly virus Olivia was treating overseas. As the story stretches out over the course of just one week, shocking circumstances arise regularly, and each new dilemma had me stitching faster in anticipation. Although it may sound like a bit of a horror story, Seven Days of Us is actually a warm yet witty and wild drama.

I was truly impressed by this audiobook’s ability to keep me entertained for hours on end. Whether it was the compelling nature of the narrator’s beautiful British accent or the dramatic events that unfold with perfect timing (or, probably, a mixture of both), I was carried away. As a result, my crochet hook never stopped moving. Audiobooks are an excellent way to get some serious work done on a WIP. Turn off your phone, plug in your headphones, and get lost in stories and stitches.

As I gear up to head home for the holidays this year, I can be grateful I won’t be trapped inside my childhood home with a potentially diseased relative for 7 whole days. My holiday will (probably) be quite a bit less unnerving compared to the wild happenings in the Birch family. No matter what holiday drama I encounter, I can pop in my headphones and stitch on, transporting myself far away from ever-inquisitive and rather judgmental relatives.

Give Seven Days of Us a quick listen.

For a free audiobook download and suggestions on books to listen to while you crochet, see Penguin Random House’s crafting page. If you have any favorite stories to stitch along to, let us know in the comments.

From our crochet-corner family to yours, happy listening, happy stitching, and happy holidays!

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