Style Watch: 1970 Called and It Wants Its Plaid Back

The fashion world is a finicky monster, especially in the superfast digital age that we currently live in. What is considered “trendy” can often change on a dime. Looks can go in and out of style quickly and, often times, at the behest of a well-known designer. Fortunately for us, crocheted outfits have seen resurgence of late: Moshino featured bold and funky granny-square garments in its Spring 2017 collection. Another look that has gotten some recent love from the fashion community is 1970s style plaid. Prada, Chloé, and TOME have all used this iconic print in recent collections. Plaid had a comeback in the 90s with the grunge movement out of Seattle, but it never really went beyond the shirt that was tied around Eddie Vedder’s waist.

The current trend in plaid is a sophisticated nod to a decade that is not always remembered fondly for its style. Interweave Crochet Fall 2017 capitalizes on this aesthetic with a collection of 70s-inspired projects that bring back that retro vibe. Associate Editor Sara Dudek couldn’t have picked a better time to feature 70s throwback projects in the magazine. Genius!

A perfect example of Sara’s spot on choices for this issue is the Flip Side Jacket by Annie Modesit. Both fashion forward and funkily chic, it brings the 70s to mind while maintaining a modern silhouette. The jacket stops short at the waist, drawing attention to the body’s narrowest point. The result is a flattering look. I would pair this garment with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a vintage-looking graphic tee. This design is one that even the millennials can get behind, and it is the perfect example of how crochet can be fashion forward and fun.

The 70s may have called to say they want their plaid back, but I say, too bad so sad. We’re keeping it!

Keep on hookin’ on,
—Dana Leigh

1970s Style Has Merit.. in Crochet!

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