10 Ways to Style a Crochet Ruana

If you are putting in the effort to make an incredible crochet garment, you’ll want it to be versatile. The Far Out Ruana by Shelby Allaho from Interweave Crochet Fall 2017 fits the bill: this gorgeous piece can be worn a variety of ways and is suitable for every season. It uses chain stitches, slip stitches, and single crochet spike stitches to create a crochet pattern reminiscent of macramé. This crochet ruana is quick to make and has a beautiful drape no matter your yarn choice.

Check out 10 ways to style this versatile crochet ruana

1. Traditional

crochet ruana

This is the easiest way to wear a crochet ruana: the largest panel of fabric covers your back and the two smaller panels of fabric fall on either side in the front.

2. Half-Belted

crochet ruana

Add on to the traditional way! Fit a belt under the back panel of the fabric and over the two front panels. The effect is all style in front and flowing crochet stitches in the back.

3. Full-Belted

crochet ruana

Try belting the entire ruana around your waist. The ruana will look more like a tunic and is perfect for wearing over a fitted dress.

4. Half-Wrapped

crochet ruana

From the traditional styling, take one front panel and wrap it up and over a shoulder. Part scarf, part poncho, all stylish!

5. Fully Wrapped

crochet ruana

Use the crochet ruana’s length to create a shoulder wrap or bulky scarf. The open stitchwork helps the fabric bunch really nicely.

6. Knotted

crochet ruana

Turn the ruana lengthwise and drape it around your neck. Tie the two front panels together to make it asymmetrical and give it some visual interest.

7. Looped and Knotted

crochet ruana

Expand on the knotted style! Thread the back panel of fabric through the loops made by tying the front pieces together.

8. Backward

crochet ruana

Flip the traditional style on its head and wear the back panel in the front and the two front panels in the back. This style really shows off the beauty of the stitches.

9. Front-Tied

crochet ruana

Tie the two front panels together; let the back panel flow to show off that macramé look.

10. Halter Top

crochet ruana

Keeping the back panel in the back, bring the crochet ruana off your shoulders. Bring the two front panels under your arms and then up and over the opposite shoulder so that they cross in the front.

Which way will you wear the Far Out Ruana? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy crochet styling!

-Sara Dudek
Associate editor, Interweave Crochet

Style It Your Way With Crochet!

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