10 Times Yarn Will Save You This Thanksgiving

Lisa Shroyer with pie

Lisa Shroyer with pie

  1. A WIP makes the ten-hour drive to Aunt Maggie’s house for one overrated meal a lot more bearable.
  2. When that opinionated relative wants to pry into your personal life, you can say “shhh, I’m counting” and it’s perfectly acceptable.
  3. Need to keep some bored kids out of the kitchen and out of the way? Pull out some yarn and teach them to finger knit.
  4. In those spurts of time between dishes going in and out of the oven, you can browse patterns on Ravelry and add some dreamy new projects to your queue. I’m rather fond of the new issue of Interweave Knits/ Love of Crochet.
  5. In a pinch, undyed cotton yarn makes the perfect turkey truss!
  6. Knits Thanksgiving

  7. Cozy oversized sweaters are all the rage this season, so not only will you feel stylish in that roomy pullover, but you’ll also be super comfy as your waistline expands!
  8. Parades and football are a lot more interesting when there’s cashmere in your hands.
  9. When your partner needs an in-law break, you can send them on a mission to wind yarn in the craft room.
  10. Handmade potholders FTW.
  11. Local yarn shops and craft stores on Black Friday – the only reason to leave your comfy chair and your fridge full of leftovers. You need more yarn before the next holiday comes!

But seriously, on behalf of the whole Interweave editorial team, I’d like to thank you for following us and being our friends and fans this past year. May your holiday be full of yarn, loved ones, good food, and peaceful reflection. Happy Thanksgiving.

—Lisa Shroyer


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