Interweave Staff Picks: 10 Must-Have Crochet Books

The Interweave editors share their favorite crochet books from our stacks. Find out why they cherish their go-to books and perhaps you’ll fall in love with them, too!

Kerry Bogert, Editorial Director, Craft Books

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Crochet Ever After

By Brenda K. B. Anderson
Author Brenda K. B. Anderson has the best sense of humor of any author I’ve ever worked with. Not only that, but she also comes up with the most clever yet functional designs. I encourage everyone to read the introductions to every project in Crochet Ever After. They’ll make you feel like you’re in a cheeky fairy tale.

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Modern Crochet Mandalas

By Interweave Editors
This book makes my favorites list for a few reasons, but the biggest is that I initially scoffed at the idea! It’s true! I thought, “Mandalas? Aren’t those just doilies?” Nope, they’re amazing, colorful works of art and so incredibly fun to make, which I learned when I worked on 6 of the patterns in Modern Crochet Mandalas. The color combinations are endless and so inspiring. Making crochet mandalas has become a great, meditative pastime that I hope many more people will catch on to.

Lisa Espinosa, Editorial Coordinator, Craft Books

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3 Skeins or Less: Modern Baby Crochet

By Sharon Zientara

The adorable baby on the cover of 3 Skeins or Less Modern Baby Crochet wearing the Ladybug the Dachshund Sweater by Brenda K. B. Anderson immediately hooked me into this book. Along with this beautiful sweater, there are many other to-coo-for numbers for the special little guy or gal in your life. The Hedgehog Hat is a fun accessory for any trip with a little one, while the Liam Zippered Pullover is a snazzy option for dressing up any outfit. Any one of these 18 projects will be a challenge as beautiful as the little one who will use it.

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It Girl Crochet

By Sharon Zientara

Two summers ago, I was preparing for a big trip to Asia and wanted to be sure I packed light, but fashionably, with a few highly versatile pieces. As I searched the wonderful trove of patterns at Interweave for accessories, I stumbled across It Girl Crochet by Sharon Zientara. Every time I turned a page I found a project I wanted to make. I ended up making three of them to take with me, and they helped me style so many outfits. Yoko Hatta’s Beatnik Cap was my favorite because it shielded my eyes from the sun during the day, kept me warm at night, and earned me a whole lot of compliments. I really want to get my hook into Mimi Alelis’ Sienna Top. Perhaps for my next world adventure!

Sara Dudek, Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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Celtic Cable Crochet

By Bonnie Barker

Celtic Cable Crochet by Bonnie Barker is one of my absolute favorites. I can never get enough crochet cables (even though we’re heading into summer). The One Big Braid Scarf has been on my list for a long time. It’s so simple to make but has a really unique and stylish look to it. I also love the Fergus Shrug and the Orlaith Robe Sweater. There are so many different kinds of cables in this book—you’ll want to try them all!

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Vintage Modern Crochet

By Robyn Chachula

My favorite stitch pattern of all time is the pineapple stitch. I love it so much. Vintage Modern Crochet by Robyn Chachula has an entire collection of patterns devoted to the pineapple stitch. Other patterns feature Bruges lace, filet lace, Irish lace, and Tunisian crochet. This book really is the perfect combination of historic stitches and modern garments. And with Robyn Chachula as the designer, you know these patterns will become classics.

Susanna Tobias, Project Editor, Crochet

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Quick Crochet for the Home

By Tamara Kelly

If you’re looking for projects for every room of your home, Quick Crochet for the Home is the book for you! Designed by Tamara Kelly of, the projects in this book are sure to fly off your hook and quickly become favorites in your household and among your friends. The basket is definitely on my to-do list—which projects will you put on yours?

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Crochet at Home

By Brett Bara

From a garland to blankets to all kinds of things you can use to brighten up your kitchen, Crochet at Home will provide the inspiration you need to crochet something for every room. Personally, I’d start with the owl garland because the owls are so cute! Then, I’d move on to the kitchen items and take off from there. This book is truly a must-have for any crochet library.

Dana Bincer, Associate Editor, Love of Crochet

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Rustic Modern Crochet

By Yumiko Alexander

Yumiko’s design style in Rustic Modern Crochet has me reaching for my crochet hooks for three very different reasons. 1) I am inspired by the yarn selection, in both fiber content and color. She pairs yarns with stitch patterns in a way that creates a stunning collection of scarves, shawls, and ponchos that I want to wear to work and out for date nights. 2) Some projects are made with basic stitches in unique ways that make them look anything but simple. These projects are quick and relaxing to make. 3) Some projects are made with multiple panels of different textures that, when put together, create gorgeous garments. Each of the 18 nature-inspired projects has its own style, making it easy for me to find one to pair with my many moods.

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Reversible Crochet

By Laurinda Reddig

I find the clean, crisp lines in Laurinda Reddig’s colorwork new and exciting. Her simple illustrated tips for creating seamless color changes and different methods for using straight, diagonal, and curvy lines have me wanting to make afghans, bags, coasters, placemats, and more. She has 28 blocks that appeal to a wide variety of decorating styles, from classic to modern to children’s. Colorwork is my new favorite crochet technique thanks to Reversible Crochet.

I couldn’t agree more with the titles that my coworkers selected. You may want to hurry and add these titles to your cart…before we snatch them all up and they sell out!

Staff Picks for You: Best Crochet Books


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