Can We Guess Your Signature Stringing Style?

Many artists have a very distinct style. You can tell a creation is theirs just by looking at it. Bead and jewelry artists such as Michelle Mach and Becky Nunn have styles that are easy to recognize but also fit a variety of themes. Do you find yourself drawn to similar styles but haven’t realized it? Choose the pattern you are most likely to create and we will share with you your signature stringing style.

1. I am most likely to make:

2. I would absolutely make:

3. This is definitely my style:

4. No question, this is the one for me:

5. THIS is the project I would make:

Find your Signature Stringing Style at Interweave!

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  1. West coast beader at 11:14 am August 10, 2018

    In all honesty, I am not drawn to any of the above designs. I am more likely to do bead stitching, usually RAW, Brick or Peyote, not Stringing. If I do anything strung, it is generally because I have chosen to do long fringes from a beadwoven piece.

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