Your New Beading Daily!

Welcome to the new Beading Daily!

I've chatted with many of you on our forums since the new Beading Daily magically appeared last week, and it's been so much fun hearing your reactions of delight and surprise. Your pleased responses have made this hardworking team happy––when it came to what you wanted on Beading Daily, we really paid attention, and from what you're telling us now, we're on the right track to bring you the Beading Daily you want! And, we'll keep on listening, to consider what you want from topics and projects to the site technology. I am totally enjoying your excitement over your––our––new Beading Daily.

Birds of a feather
Our joyful bird icon represents us as jewelry makers in many ways. It shows our passion for stashing, collecting inspiring bits and beads to use in our jewelry.  It’s a symbol of how our imaginations take flight. A nest is a home, a place to be with the things you love. Nests are also symbolic of building something special one piece at a time and a safe place for hatching new ideas.

More ways to share your creativity
We have more ways for you to share your work
––way easier to do now, as many of you have discovered. Sign in, go to member galleries, and upload. I just posted a work-in-progress myself. This lovely Icicle Crystal Glass necklace is a gallery piece from Beading Daily member ShinyCatCreations. Be sure to see the rest of the great work in our Reader Gallery and post your work to share!

More ways to learn
Our blogs are already queued up with expert tips and how-to lessons from all our editors and masters in jewelry making, with more projects for the techniques you love. Beading Daily's video library is growing by leaps and bounds with cool media to make it even easier to improve your skills. Plus, we're even more closely connected to our Bead Fest shows, our magazines, books, and our television show, Beads, Baubles, and Jewels.


More ways to interact
The forums are as lively as ever, safe and secure for everyone to engage about all things jewelry making. Click on someone’s name and you’ll see how to send an e-mail through Beading Daily, without exchanging personal e-mails. Comment on people’s work in the galleries. Help plan a trip to Bead Fest and take classes together! Watch online videos at the same time and chat during the class. Take pictures of classes and parties at your local bead shop class and post them here so we can see the whole world making jewelry!

Culture Cuff by Sara Richardson

More ways to be creative
You’ve already noticed that we’re about more than just beads. Jewelry making has become so innovative we hesitate to impose material limitations. Beading Daily is “today’s how-to for handmade jewelry.” We’re leading with beading but are spicing things up with new ideas, mediums, and products for you to explore, such as the stamped resin and beaded wire Culture Cuff here by Sara Richardson.

More ways to connect

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, for starters.
We’re working on ways to use today's awesome multimedia technology to bring Beading Daily members together. (No secret that I like making videos, 'nuff said!) Look for more ways we'll strengthen our community and support all our suppliers and LBS. Definitely watch here for more trendspotting in fashion and jewelry-making products. To sum it up, we'll continue to be at your side as we live the jewelry-making life together, right here on Beading Daily!

Let’s hear more from you!
We hope you enjoy the new bird’s eye view of the world of jewelry making in Beading Daily, and we want to hear from you. Please add your great ideas on what you like best and what you’d like to see!


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