Wrap Your Way Out of a Jewelry Making Rut

As we age, it seems like we all tend to fall into our own comfortable ruts. I know I’m certainly guilty! My day almost always starts out the same: a quick shower, then breakfast while I read the paper.

You might even be guilty of getting into a jewelry making rut, in which you always reach for the same types of materials or the same color palettes. As comforting as it is to do what’s familiar, you definitely need to break out of your cozy little box if you’re going to get the creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for some new jewelry inspiration, check out 10 Wire & Fiber Jewelry Projects, a collection of projects from Step by Step Wire Jewelry. These projects incorporate fiber into simple wire designs for a welcome punch of color and texture.

Wire Fiber eBook jewelry making

This eBook is currently only $9.99, but you can take advantage of our Christmas in July sale from July 24-26 to combine the eBook with other jewelry products and save $25 off a $50 purchase!

My recommendations for creating your own bundle:

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Rainy Day Projects video jewelry making   DIY Wrap Bracelets book jewelry making


~Lavon Peters, managing editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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