Work Table Wednesday: Vintage Treasures from A Grain of Sand

This Wednesday, I had a lot on my beading table, but the two pieces that I wanted to share with you were a couple of beaded necklaces that I created using this month's vintage treasures from the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club through A Grain of Sand.

I had a lot of fun using the sea urchin spines in this brick stitch necklace design.

Part of this month's treasures included a giant pack of huge sea urchin spine beads. I bought a bag of smaller sea urchin spines when I first started learning how to bead, and I love finding new ways to include them in my beading projects. They make a gently tinkling noise when they come into contact with each other, almost like they were made out of ceramic or porcelain. I was immediately inspired to make a tribal brick stitch necklace, and included a few of them as fringe.

The challenge for me was finding seed bead colors that wouldn't overwhelm the sea urchin spine beads. The end result is a funky, tribal-style beaded necklace. I used a brass chain to finish it at first, but then decided to go in a different direction and made my own chain out of wire. Sorry, you'll have to wait a few weeks to find out how I made the chain and see what it looks like!

My Portland Retro beaded necklace reminds me a little bit of planets in the solar system!

Vintage Lucite beads are among some of my favorite beads to work with when I'm making handmade jewelry, and the big, cream and white striped Lucite balls in this month's box of vintage beads were just begging to be used. I love the way they look when mixed with lots and lots of vintage silver chain and a few black, faceted Czech crystals. A friend of mine watched as I assembled this necklace and remarked that it reminded her of a cool retro diner she used to frequent when she lived in Portland, Oregon!

If you want to become a member of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club, head on over to A Grain of Sand for all the details. Boxes go out around the first of each month, so you still have a couple of days to sign up and receive the June box packed full of vintage beads, findings, and jewelry making components.

What's on your work table today?

Bead Happy,


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