Work Hard, Play Hard

"Work hard, play hard" is a phrase that all of us here at Jewelry Stringing try to live by. There is always plenty of work to go around, but we still make time to have a little fun. Even during crunch times, when our to-do lists get lengthy and deadlines are bearing down on us, we still make an effort to find a balance between work and play. It keeps us focused, refreshed, and motivated.

When we have the time, we schedule team crafting lunches (at our most recent team lunch, we experimented with some new wrap-bracelet techniques) or group workshops (we had a blast at our charm bracelet workshop earlier this year!). During busier weeks, when we don't have time to organize a group event, we still share any inspiring or amusing tidbits that we come across.

Lately, these bead-themed "Hey Girl…" internet memes have had us giggling at our desks. They were too good not to share with you, so take a break from the crimp tubes and beading wire, and start your weekend with some beady humor!

Glass bead artist, jewelry maker, and bead blogger Sylvie Lansdowne has been making a name for herself in the web-savvy bead community by posting photos like these on her site


The bead blogs are abuzz with links to Sylvie's posts. Check out the rest of them at

In a similar vein, Beadwork editor Melinda Barta and a handful of her fellow beaders collaborated to create "Stuff Beaders Say", their own take on the viral video trend that has taken YouTube by storm (some of the technique references were over my head, but this video is still well worth a watch):


Watch the video here!

There has to be more bead-related humor out there – comment below with your favorite links!

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