(Wire) Wrapping Your Holiday Gifts!

Ever since 1991, when my sister and I managed to talk our parents into letting us put up the holiday decorations over Thanksgiving weekend, I've been one of those people who breaks out the Christmas music a few weeks before Halloween. My 6-year-old loves it, my husband, not so much. So this year, I just decided to play it safe and instead of festooning my house with tinsel and lights before Thanksgiving, I'm just going to sit down and make a few of these very cool wire and bead holiday jewelry-making projects.

I didn't always love Viking knit, but now that it's one of my favorite meditative jewelry-making activities, I'm definitely going to enjoy whipping up Beth Helberg's Trumpet Bangle. Because I don't work much with sterling silver wire, I'll be digging into my (rather extensive) supply of colored craft wire for this one. And because I'm of the "less is more" camp when it comes to sparkle, the strategically placed crystal bicones make this piece one that will adorn my wrist all season long.
Chain maille! Who would ever have thought that I would love chain maille so much? But I do, and especially made with fun, colorful jump rings! Shelley Hubbs' O Tannenbaum chain maille earrings are fun, easy, and so colorful — perfect for adding some cheer to an otherwise dreary winter landscape.
Last but not least, how could I not love any wire jewelry making project that is so messy but so gorgeous? Yes, I'm not one for precision in my wire jewelry making projects, but these Champagne Flute earrings by Jamie Hogsett will surely be finding their way into many a Christmas stocking this year as gifts for my friends.

If you want more great bead and wire holiday jewelry-making projects, you can get all of these plus 7 more in our 10 Holiday Wire Jewelry and Ornament Designs eBook. You'll find wire jewelry projects for all skill levels, wire embellishments for Christmas trees or holiday gifts, and maybe even a gift (or two) for yourself! Best of all, it's an instant download, so you can start working on those holiday gifts right away. Get your copy of 10 Holiday Wire Jewelry and Ornament Designs and wrap up your holiday jewelry-making gifts in just a couple of days!

Do you have any go-to easy wire jewelry projects for holiday gifts? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share them with us!

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