Wire Jewelry Button Earrings in 6 Easy Steps


I don’t know about you, but deep down inside, I’m basically an immediate gratification type of gal. I want my chocolate, weight loss, and jewelry making FAST! Sure, we all love working on masterpieces, but sometimes you need to slip in some quick projects here and there. I have loads of quilter friends and love the beauties they create. I’m in constant awe of their drive and perseverance in sticking with a project that takes so long. Of course, it’s worth it, but many of those students that have taken my classes have confessed, it’s delightfully gratifying to create something quickly.

 Button, button, who's got the button?



One of my favorite regular projects in Step By Step Wire Jewelry is on the last page called "5 Minute JewelrySuper Fast Button Earrings"  from the October/November 2010 issue kept haunting me.

So here are my cute-little-under-5-minute butterfly button earrings inspired by Denise’s easy instructions. Make your own with any double-holed buttons.

1. What you’ll need:

  • I used 18-gauge black wire (you can use 20-gauge as well).
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Two buttons



2. Cut a 7.5 piece of wire in half.

  • Bend both ends of the wire over the jaw of the chain nose pliers to create a "U" shape.
  • Make sure the space between the wires is the same width as the space between the button holes.



3. Slip both ends of the wire through the buttonholes.

  • Bend bend each end flat against the button back.



4. With chain-nose pliers, bend the short end of the wire to a 90-degree angle behind the button.

  • Make a small hook on the wire end with your round-nose pliers.



5. Bend the tip into a hook.

  • Wrap the long wire around a Sharpie pen to form the ear wire and slip it into the hook.
  • Trim edge of wire.
  • File the end to make it smooth and easy to slip into your earring hole on your ear.



6. Viola! The finished earrings.

These earrings are simple, fun, and addictive. Check out Step By Step Wire Jewelry for a great way to use up those orphan buttons in your button jar. Make them over your morning java and wear them to work!

Come bead with me.



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