Wire Gauges Size Chart: How to Find the Right Size

I recently redesigned a pair of earrings using a different gemstone colorway. I found out pretty quickly that the new stones I was using had very small holes. So, with my stash’s head pin box before me, I started trying . . . 22-gauge? Nope. 24-gauge? Nope. (I was starting to feel like a toddler with a shape sorting ball!) Wow—26-gauge? Yes! Luckily I have all those gauges on hand—how frustrating it would be if I didn’t.

By the way, if you’re totally confused by all this talk about gauges, check out Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey’s book, Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry. It’s a book geared toward beginners, but covers the wire gamut.  Buy Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry.

How to avoid this dilemma? The best thing to do, if you’re buying your beads at a bead shop, is to test the bead holes right then and there. If you don’t happen to have a selection of wire gauges in your pocket, just ask one of the employees if you can borrow a few for testing.

General Wire Gauges Size Chart

If testing the beads isn’t an option, follow my general wire gauge chart. As illustrated above, these sizes aren’t written in stone—just suggestions for both fit and strength. Keep in mind that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. 

Another Option

Another option for many beads is to physically enlarge the holes. Use a diamond-tip bead reamer for gemstones and a pearl reamer with a fine corkscrew tip for pearls.  (See my earlier post “How to Fix Too-Small Holes in Beads.”)

Do you have tips about gauging wire gauges? Share them on the website.

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