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To celebrate the start of summer (and because I really, really like giving things away!), Beading Daily is giving away 3 shopping sprees ($300, $200, $100) to use at local bead shops in the U.S. and Canada. Imagine what you could buy with that money: beads, findings, stringing materials, magazines, books, tools! Winners will be announced here on Beading Daily. Yes, that's right–fame AND fortune! Enter today.

What kind of bead shopper are you?

Polymer tree pendant
by Curly Tree Designs

Do you relate to the experience of Curly Tree Designs? She went to her local bead shop for just one pendant, "But, then I started browsing and found these incredibly cool agate beads. . ."

Or how about Humblebeads? This is how she described a recent shopping experience: "We went clay and bead shopping this morning. I found some awesome copper links of chain, I'm going to antique them and make something spectacular." I can definitely relate. I often buy something with a vague but exciting idea (Best! Project! Ever!), but sometimes when I get home, it turns into something else entirely–or sometimes it sits around in my bead stash waiting patiently for inspiration. (I just used a clasp for a Beadwork project that I bought at least four years ago!)

Or how about the Arizona Crafty Burrito Collective? "To me, there's nothing more fun or exciting than going bead shopping. It's like sensory overload! There's so much to choose from and ideas swirl madly in my head and then I get home and forget most of it! So, now I keep a little notebook and write down all my ideas but who knows if I ever will get to all of them."

Does any of this sound familiar?

New Reader Poll: Do you usually buy beads for a specific project or do you buy beads and figure out what to do with them later? What type of shopper are you? This poll ends June 1, 2008. Results will be shared in a future Beading Daily.

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