Wildly Peyote Zebra Bail by Jayashree Paramesh

A small, flat peyote strip doesn’t have to be uninteresting — there are so many different ways that a strip of peyote stitch can be used! Try this free beading project for an easy peyote stitch bail for use with a crystal pendant or a gemstone donut. String it on your favorite ribbon for a fast and easy peyote stitch necklace!

This free beading project is perfect for some of those large gemstone pendants you have in your stash that might need a little extra color or texture.


  • 2 grams size 11 cylinder beads, opaque black (A)
  • 2 grams size 11 cylinder beads, opaque white (B)
  • 2 drop beads, 3mm, opaque brown (C)
  • 1 black agate pendant, at least 30mm
  • Fireline beading thread, 6 lb. test
  • Glue (Pasco Fix recommended)


  • Size 10 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

Step-by-step Instructions:


Step 1:

On a comfortable length of thread, string 1 B, 10 A, 1 B. Pick up 1 B and start working in peyote stitch, following the graph (Figure 1). Make sure all the beads along the edges are B.

Step 2: Decrease on either side of the peyote strip, ending when you have just one bead in the center. Pick up 1 C and pass through the single bead again. Weave your thread into the peyote stitch, knot, and trim close to the beadwork. Repeat on the other side of the bail.

Optional: To make a tube as shown at the top of the bail, mark Rows 19 and 37. Pass through the edge bead of Row 19 and zip up the beadwork.

Step 3: Lift the ends of bail and place a drop of glue on the stone and press down. Do the same to the other side. Let dry.

Jayashree Paramesh learned bead embroidery at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Her beaded jewelry designs have appeared in Beadwork magazine. For her teaching schedule and more information about her, check out her website, Nchantme.com.






Figure 1 Figure 2
Wildly Peyote Bail – Zebra Print Wildly Peyote Bail – Leopard Print

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