Why We Love (and Hate) Beaded Home Decor

Why We Love (and Hate) Beaded Home Decor

How do you feel about beaded home decor? Love it? Hate it?

While I do find some beaded home decor appealing (especially napkin rings!), I also have this practical, Midwest sensibility that kicks in around beaded objects and asks questions like:

"Is that beaded spoon dishwasher safe?"

"Will that bead-encrusted lampshade give me enough light to read?"

And, of course, the big question: "How convincing will it be when I say, 'Oh, no, you didn't wake me', when I answer the door with bead-shaped craters all over my face from that beautifully beaded pillow?"

 Above: Star-Topped Magic Wand by Sylvia Becker. This was one of the most popular projects during October.

More than 1,000 readers answered the latest poll:
How do you feel about beaded home decor?

If you don't have an opinion on beaded home decor, you are definitely in the minority!

Love it! (27%)
Like some of it. (43%)
Don't have strong feelings one way or the other. (7%)
Don't like most of it. (19%)
Hate it! (4%)

Even before the poll was over, people were already chiming in with their thoughts about beaded home decor. Check out the comments on the original Beaded Home Decor Trend post.

Why You Like (or Love) It

"I love big, gaudy things to bead, but as a professional student clad always in jeans and tees, and a mom of two young kids who pull at everything on my body, much of the time it doesn't pay to make big, beautiful creations only to see them shelved or boxed. Beaded home decor gives me the opportunity to express and continue to enjoy long after completion."

"I truly think that women are born with the heart of an artist. That's what we all are, creators of the home, of family and all that's beautiful in the world. It's only natural that we have a strong desire to create beautiful objects."

"Beads add sparkle to life! Put them everywhere!! I'd have beaded cobwebs if I could figger out how to make them!"

Clever Candle Wrap
by Katie Hacker, Instructions in Hip to Bead

Why You Don't Like It

"Beaded decor should be done with a very light touch. Too much and it looks like a flashback to the 70s or some old Victorian nightmare."

"Most beaded decor looks cheap and tacky, even if it isn't cheap and even if it's well done."

"I'd rather adorn myself, not my house. LOL"

Beaded Pinecones
by Arlene Baker

People tend to be more open to beaded home decor for gift items or for the holidays.

"I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use beads–especially for gift items at this time of year–so it's interesting to see what home decor ideas people come up with, even if I wouldn't necessarily use them all myself!"

"With the holidays coming up, beaded decor items like ornament covers, napkin rings, and candle holders are essential."

Among those who didn't like home decor, the cleaning issue came up. Again. And again. (Aren't there any beaders on this list who love to dust?)

"Beaded home decor objects are dust catchers to the nth degree."

"These home decor projects all seem so fussy. Not my style and TOO DUSTY! If I have to clean, that's less time to bead."

"I prefer home decor that is washable. If I can't wash it, I won't make it or buy it."

A final thought:

"Just because you CAN bead something, doesn't mean you SHOULD! To me it's just another Martha Stewartism. Decorate anything that can't run away!"

Finally–a way to keep your wayward teenagers at home . . . bead them! 

 Coming Friday: Jewelry business tips, plus another project from Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

 Have you ever sold a beaded item you've made? This poll ended November 16, 2007.

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She is wondering whether she'll have time to make beaded napkin rings for Thanksgiving, or if she is going to experience something akin to "second sock syndrome" and be unable to finish more than one!



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