Why Megan Lenhausen Loves Quick + Easy Beadwork

From Jennifer : We will always need beading projects that are fast and easy, right? Sometimes, you just want to make a new piece of beaded jewelry that doesn't take weeks or even days to complete. It's the beader's version of instant gratification: you sit down with some beads and a pattern, and in just a couple of hours, you have a new finished piece of beaded jewelry!

Editor Megan Lenhausen has stitched up a few of the projects from the pages of Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014, and she shared her thoughts with us about why she loves quick and easy when it comes to beadwork.

I've always been this way: I'm a very 'fast and furious' kind of crafter (in the words of jewelry designer, Erin Prais-Hintz). Although I love the process of creating, I love the results even more, and I'm not afraid to say so! For this reason, I've taken a bit of an obsession to Beadwork magazine's special issue, Quick + Easy Beadwork. It's the perfect issue for me because I am still on the beginner end of the beading spectrum. Its pages are filled with projects with shorter materials lists, simple directions, and gorgeous results. My first completed project from this mag is Barbara Falkowitz's Blue Jean Queen Earrings. One pair took me less than thirty minutes to complete! I enjoyed making them so much I made a second pair in a different color for my mom. I don't plan to stop here-I'll be making more of these and other projects for all the gals on my Christmas list (the bonus: they'll never know how little time these projects took me, and when I'm finished I'll be relaxin' and snackin' on my favorite holiday treats)!

Get the pattern for these Blue Jean Queen beaded earrings plus 42 additional projects in Quick + Easy Beadwork 2014. You'll find all your favorite bead-weaving stitches in these brand-new beading projects that will have you spending more time beading!

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