Why I Love Organic Wire Jewelry

Before I got bit by the bead bug, I wanted to learn how to make wire jewelry. I even had an amazing kit with a great book, a complete set of pliers, and four spools of wire in various gauges and metals. So what went wrong? I think I was really intimidated by the precision of most wire jewelry techniques. I learned how to make spirals (wonky), and wire-wrapped loops (also wonky). When I tried to learn how to wire wrap gemstones and cabochons, I hit a wall. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to manipulate wire into nice, neat lines to capture those stones as pendants and earrings. And even though I don't usually give up easily, I gave up on this one. I packed away my wire and tools and instead focused on beads and bead-weaving. (Lucky me!)

But then as I started learning more about jewelry-making and beading, I discovered that knowing how to manipulate wire into jewelry comes in very handy! Of course, I wasn't ready to head back into the world of wire wrapping gemstones, but I perfected my techniques for making my own eye pins, ear wires, and wire-wrapped loops. Once I mastered Viking knit, I found that I actually enjoyed working with wire.

I wasn't quite ready to jump head-on into making wire jewelry, but I started playing with things like bird's nest pendants and "messy" wire-wrapped beads. Eureka! I finally found my niche for making wire jewelry!

I've always been kind of an "earthy girl" when it comes to my jewelry and my personal style. After all, I've been living in the mountains of upstate New York for over 15 years now, and on most weekends, you're most likely to find me out on a hike, fishing, or skiing through the woods in the winter. I've always loved living close to nature, and so it only makes sense that I would want my jewelry to reflect the beauty of the natural, organic shapes and colors I see every day.

For me, making organic wire jewelry removes the pressure of being "perfect". Mistakes suddenly become design elements, and slightly-wonky wire actually enhances the overall look of the piece. Hooray for organic wire jewelry!

If you want to take your organic wire jewelry skills up a notch, check out Freeform Organic Wire Rings with Eva Sherman, available now as an instant video download. You'll learn how to shape, wrap, hammer, and size two beautiful wire rings with a rustic feel. These easy-to-learn wire jewelry techniques are illustrated right before your eyes, so you can watch and learn how to start creating gorgeous organic wire jewelry!

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