Wholesale Licensing and Managing Your Jewelry Inventory

I remember the first time I got a package of submissions for Jewelry Stringing from Andria McKee. She sent in a large bag of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for us to consider for Create Jewelry and Jewelry Stringing’s summer 2015 issue. In all, she sent in 28 pieces for Create Jewelry, and 12 pieces for the summer issue of Jewelry Stringing. It’s no overstatement to say that Andria makes jewelry—beautiful jewelry—in bulk! I feel pretty confident telling you that if there’s one person who’s an absolute expert on jewelry wholesaling, it’s Andria!

It’s one thing to have a small shop on Etsy that sells pieces at retail prices to end consumers, and quite another to enter the world of bulk sales, wholesale licensing, and reseller permits. If you’re like Andria and find yourself with far more inspiration than your Etsy shop and clientele can handle, it might be time to think about selling your jewelry to boutiques wholesale. But do you know the difference between a reseller permit and a UBI number? Are you prepared to tackle the process of obtaining a wholesale license on your own? Most of all, are you sure that going through the process of expanding your business through wholesale is right for you?

The Wholesale Licensing and Managing Your Jewelry Inventory web seminar is ideal for jewelry designers and shop owners who are considering branching out into selling their jewelry in bulk at wholesale prices. Wholesaling is the next step toward expanding your business, and Andria’s expertise will help you decide if wholesale resale makes sense for you.

This web seminar will be held live on Tuesday, February 17. Those who pre-register can watch live and ask Andria questions, but if you can’t attend the live broadcast, you can access an archived recording and collected materials of the seminar at your convenience (and, of course, those who attend the live seminar can also access the archived recording and materials)!

So come and find out if your business is ready to expand with expert wholesaler Andria McKee! For more information on this web seminar or to purchase, click here.


Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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