Where to Find Free Beading Patterns on the Internet: About.com Beadwork

We all love free beading patterns, there's no doubt about that. Last week, I talked a little about where to find free beading patterns here on Beading Daily. This week, we'll start looking around at other great places on the Internet where you can find free beading patterns. And we all know what that means – you can save your money for more beads!

Free Beading Patterns on About.com

Free Crystal Circle Pendant Beading Pattern

About.com is a website owned by the New York Times Company and maintains hundreds of individual websites devoted to a particular topic. The content on each site is written by a Guide, an expert in that topic chosen after a lengthy recruiting and training process.

There are two places to find free beading patterns on About.com. The first is the Beadwork site, which is currently written by author and bead artist Chris Franchetti Michaels. Chris has a vast knowledge of basic beading skills and is a wonderful designer of easy free beading patterns.

To find the free beading patterns on the About.com Beadwork site, click on the tab that says "Beading Patterns". Below, you'll find a list of some (but not all) of the free beading patterns on the site. Currently, they are grouped into the following categories: Beaded necklaces and pendants; Beaded earrings; Beaded Bracelets; Beaded Components; Holiday Beadwork; and Free Beading Patterns with Swarovski Crystals.

The free beading patterns on this site are not in .pdf format, and therefore you'll need to print the pages directly from your screen. If you need assistance in printing these free beading patterns, you can contact Chris Franchetti Michaels and she'll direct you in the best way to print these patterns.

(And if you see my name sprinkled throughout the patterns, yes – I was the Guide to Beadwork from 2009 until 2011, and many of the free beading patterns I designed are still available on the site!)

Jewelry Making Projects on About.com

The other place on About.com to find free beading patterns and jewelry-making projects is the Jewelry Making site. This site, run by jewelry artist and author Tammy Powley since 1998. Tammy is the author of several wonderful jewelry-making books, and brings her extensive knowledge of a variety of jewelry-making techniques and jewelry business to the site.

To find the free beading patterns and jewelry-making projects on the Jewelry Making site, just click on the tab at the top of the homepage that says "Projects". You'll find all types of free jewelry-making projects including metal clay, polymer clay, chain maille, basic bead stringing and even some seed bead patterns.

Other Free Beading and Jewelry-Making Projects on About.com

If you do a general site search, you'll find lots of other free beading patterns and jewelry-making projects scattered throughout the About.com site including cool and funky upcycled jewelry, paper beads, and kids' crafts. And they're all free!

Do you have a favorite source on the Internet for free beading patterns? Leave a comment and share it here on the blog for others!

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