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For someone who says she doesn’t wear a lot of beaded bracelets, I sure make a lot of them! Over the last few years, I’ve started to really appreciate the art form that is the beaded bracelet. So many options, so many techniques to learn! Even if I end up taking them off when I spend the day working at the computer, I’ve always got a wrist full of beautiful beaded bracelets on when I go out — even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store.

Looking for a little inspiration for your next bracelet project? Here are a few of my favorite bracelet making tutorials that I’ve shared over the years here on the Beading Daily blog!
0312_Bubble-Bead-Bracelet_gif-550x0Mixed Media Jewelry: I used colorful “licorice” leather along with coordinating drop beads to make my Bubble Bracelet. Any bracelet making project that requires the use of power tools is a fun way to spend an afternoon! This beaded bracelet project also uses simple bead-weaving and wire-wrapping techniques.
0513_Bead-Embroidered-Bracelet_gif-550x0Bead embroidery: I love making bead embroidered bracelets using my favorite gemstone and handmade ceramic cabochons, like this simple beauty from Lisa Peters Art. I used Ultrasuede to line the brass cuff finding, but you can use genuine leather or even fish leather for an edgier or more organic look.
4774_Twin-Bead-Bracelet_gif-550x0Two-hole Seed Beads: Use Twins or SuperDuos and small round druks to make this quick and easy beaded bracelet. If you love showing off your button collection, this is one beaded bracelet where a button makes a fantastic closure!

7571_Worlds-Fair-Wire-Bracelet_gif-550x0Wire Jewelry: Know what my favorite kind of wire jewelry-making project is? The kind that you can’t mess up! That’s pretty much the story with my World’s Fair Wire Bracelet Making Project. A fun antique cabochon set into a clasp finding makes this a great way to use up some of my leftover glass beads.
2146_Flat-Herringbone-Bracelet_gif-550x0Bead-weaving with Seed Beads: Getting back to basics is always a good idea, and this easy flat herringbone stitch cuff is one of my favorite beaded bracelet making projects. I used tiny cube beads and seed beads for this version, but you can even make it with larger seed beads for a fun, fast beaded bracelet.

5545_Princess-Kate-in-Gold_gif-550x0Speaking of favorite bracelet making projects…the Princess Kate Bracelet kit is back, and it’s in gold! For everyone who loved this classic, sparkling crystal bracelet project, we have a limited number of bracelet kits in gold. Each kit includes a copy of Stitching with Shaped Beads: 10 Beaded Projects to Make with Bugle Beads, plus a complete materials kit for this popular beaded bracelet. This kit is sure to sell out fast, so make sure you get your bracelet kit before they’re all gone!

Do you have a favorite bracelet-making project? You know the one — the one that you make over and over as gifts for friends and just for yourself when you feel like beading? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share it with us!

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