Whats Your Favorite Tool?

Leslie Rogalski

What’s your favorite tool?

I have to agree with the authors, editors, and Beading Daily readers who answered my “What’s your favorite tool?” poll—it’s hard to pick just one. Is it the pliers you use most, your most expensive hammer, or an heirloom pair of scissors that you have hanging on your wall? So what’s my favorite tool? I can’t see making jewelry without these!

Here’s what a few folks had to share:

Jean Campbell, contributing editor, Beading Daily
"Hands down, it's my thread burner. My beadwork became so much cleaner after I started using this baby. I actually have a few of them sitting around, just in case I misplace one–wouldn't want to go without it!"

Kerry Bogert, Bead Fest teacher and author of Totally Twisted
"I love my mandrels! Not only do I use them for making beads, but when it comes to wire working, they are great for making coils! If you don't have a coiling gizmo, you can grab a beading mandrel and wrap your wire around it." All the different size mandrels make for lots of wrapping options, too.

Lisa Niven Kelly, Bead Fest  teacher and author of Stamped Metal Jewelry
"I don't dare attempt any jewelry making without my trusted Razor Flush Tronex cutters. These babies (yes they have their own crib in my studio) provide the perfect flush cut, and that lovely sharp tip gets into tiny spots to trim wire tails. If they were to go missing, I would post white 'lost' signs on every phone pole!"

Danielle Fox, editor of Stringing
"I love my $10 Target melamine tray. I simply place a Vellux mat inside for a lap-size portable beading surface. Works great when I'm sitting on the couch, beading in front of the TV!"

From BD members:
Jsmaz (one of your BD Moderators!) raves about her ergonomic tools but says, “At the moment I just have cheap pliers but I'm planning to upgrade sometime this year, at which time I expect to have new favorites.”

Billy uses ergonomic tools with extra-long handles because it helps him overcome arthritis. He also found another way to help with sore handsweightlifting gloves. “Doing wirework, you really need your fingertips. Weight-lifting gloves . . . are padded in the palms and have the fingertips open.”  (Photo courtesy of Soft Flex.)


Kmarie0218 says, "The Chain Stä is one of my favorite tools!  Can't live without it!  I love making dangly bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc., and this stabilizer is an invaluable tool to suspend your chain so you can use both hands to attach links and drops. I use it all the time now." (Photo courtesy of Chain Stä.)

I also like using alphabet stamps to give special meaning to my work. Look for the myriad ways letter punches are used in https://www.interweave.com/store/stamped-metal-jewelry-10bd05 by Lisa Niven Kelly!

Of course you have to share your favorite tools with us! Tell us what you’re most attached to on Beading Daily.


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