What's Your Favorite Bead for Jewelry-Making?

We all love seed beads, that's why we're here on Beading Daily. But there are so many other beads that you can add to your bead-weaving and jewelry-making projects to make them more interesting! With new beads coming out from companies such as Miyuki (Tila beads) and Preciosa Ornela (Twin seed beads), it seems that there are more and more reasons to add to your growing bead stash.

Here are a few of my favorite beads for jewelry making and why I love them:

Seed beads are my go-to beads for all types of jewelry-making projects.

Seed beads. Well, of course! Seed beads come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes that in my mind, you really don't need anything else for jewelry making. Add some sparkle with a silver-lined seed bead or add some texture with a hex-cut or charlotte. Part of my attraction to seed beads is their versatility: you can create a substantial beaded chain or rope with just a handful of seed beads and some thread, or you can use them to add a subtle dash of color to a strung jewelry-making project.

With all the colors and shapes of freshwater pearls available, is it any wonder why I use them so often?

Pearls. Whether they are crystal, glass, or natural freshwater, pearls are my second favorite bead for jewelry making. I use them in bead embroidery, for stringing necklaces and bracelets, and of course, for simple and classy earrings in an instant. These days, pearls seem to come in about as many sizes, shapes, and colors as seed beads, making it easy for me to include a few of them in whatever jewelry-making project I'm working on at the moment.

I love everything about vintage beads, whether they're made from glass or Lucite!

Vintage beads. Part of the challenge of working with vintage beads is color matching. Since many of the vintage beads in my collection were created fifty or sixty years ago, it can be hard to match their colors with modern seed beads. But the feel of vintage beads is unmatched by any other type of bead I've ever used. Just by looking at their shape and their finish, you can almost always tell a vintage bead from other types of beads!

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What's your favorite type of bead for jewelry making? Could you pick just one if you had to?

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