What's Your Bracelet Style?

When it comes to favoring a particular type of bracelet design, honestly, I'm all over the board. It just depends on my mood and my outfit.

Is your style casual and easy-going? Or do you love the sophistication of more classic pieces? Perhaps bold statement jewelry or whimsical accessories show off your personality best.

Whatever your style may be, here are a dozen bracelet designs to inspire (download step-by-step instructions from the Interweave Store for just $4 each):

Make this unique Coral Charm Bracelet by gluing your favorite assortment of cabochons into matching brass bezels.


Create this lively Motion Ocean Bracelet by connecting various colored jump rings with dotted components.

Step-by-step photos show you how to create the wire wrapped links in this flexible Bangle Bracelet.

The clear instructions for this Bejeweled Crystal Bracelet make it an easy introduction to beadweaving.


This Macrame Pearl Bracelet is an ideal one-size-fits-all project, perfect for using beads from your stash.

Make this Frosty Pink crystal and pearl bracelet using elastic cord for ease of wearing. (Free download)

It's hard to believe that chain maille is at the center of this gorgeous Blue My Mind bracelet.


Make a statement with this chunky Anemone Bracelet, which features colorful cane-glass beads.

If you'd like to try basic metalworking, this Fluted Silver Cuff features hammered fluted and domed shapes.

No doubt you'll be ready for summer wearing this Brandon Beach Bracelet!


The colorful mix of resin, Lucite, and clay beads really make this Candy Charm Bracelet pop!

I love the eclectic mix of elements in this funky Found Object Charm Bracelet.

Spring weather means it's time to rid your wardrobe of long sleeves and adorn your wrists with a bit of color. So you'd better get busy!

Bead happy,

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