What's Not to Love About This Leather and Wire Bracelet Making Project?

Leather and Wire Bracelet 1

One of the things that excites me about my evolving wire jewelry skills is the potential to make cool wire jewelry designs, like this Leather Loops bracelet by jewelry artist Jodi L. Bombardier. I love the trend of using leather in jewelry — it's not just for hanging pendants anymore! This leather and wire jewelry project is perfect for a beginner who wants to refine their wire wrapping and bracelet making skills, and for more advanced wire wrapped jewelry artists it's the perfect in-between-projects project. Plus, with all the colorful leather available from places like Antelope Beads and Fusion Beads, you can coordinate this leather and wire bracelet with anything in your closet.

Jodi's Leather Loops bracelet also works up fast, so it makes a great last-minute gift. And if you create your own wire jewelry findings and clasps, you can use it to showcase a special s-clasp or toggle! Enjoy!


  • 20-gauge half round, half hard wire, approximately 5'
  • 2mm thick Greek leather cord, approximately 4'
  • Toggle clasp, or clasp of your choice
  • 16 gauge 5mm jump rings, 2 pieces


  • Flush cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers

Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 1

Before You Begin: Wire Tips

  • The first bend you create is smaller than the remaining bends, because it has two wraps for the placement of the jump ring. The remaining bends have one wrap at each end. If you choose to use a toggle, add this with the toggle at the end.
  • To start your wire wrap on each loop, make a small bend in the wire, and hook it around the loop. Hold the small tail of the bent wire with your non-dominant hand, and make the wraps with your dominant hand. Making the bend in the wire is an easy way to place the wire and gives you something to hold onto.

Step-by-step Bracelet Making Instructions:

Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 2 Cut 1' of 20g wire. Bend the leather at 1", and wrap in the middle of the bend. To be consistent, always wrap four times to show on the front, and pinch the wire ends on the back.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 3 Before snipping each end of the wire, gently squeeze the wrap with chain nose pliers to flatten it on the leather. Flush cut the wire ends as closely as possible to the leather, and with the tip of the chain nose pliers, squeeze down on the ends of the wire, to eliminate any sharp edges.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 4 Wrap the end of the leather, leaving enough space in between the middle wrap and this wrap to place a jump ring.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 5 Add a ring in between the two wraps you just made. This will be the eye for a hook.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 6 Bend the leather around, and wrap the end of the leather to the top of the first bend you made.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 7 Repeat the previous step to make the next bend. Continue making bends until the bracelet is the desired length. Cut 1' pieces of wire to bind the bends as you go.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 8 When the bracelet is the desired length, finish this end in the same manner as the first. Bend the leather around to form the final loop, and wrap in the middle of the bend.
Making Leather and Wire Bracelet Step 9 Place the last wrap on the leather to the previous bend, and cut the leather from the spool. Thread a ring through the loop, and attach the toggle or hook.

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Have you embraced the leather jewelry trend yet? What do you think about all the new sizes, styles, and colors of leather that are hitting the jewelry making scene? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and let's talk leather!

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