What's In a Name? Maybe a Free Beading Kit!

The piece: a twisted herringbone rope accented with two lush tassels of fringe and a crystal flower centerpiece. Come up with the best name for this piece of beadwork, and you win the beading kit pictured below courtesy of Red Panda Beads!

Sometimes I think that naming my beading projects is the hardest part of the whole process. (See my previous blog about naming your beadwork and where you can get ideas for names!) A good name can be really important for a piece of beadwork. It can convey so much about the inspiration for the piece or maybe something about the beadweaving or jewelry-making techniques you used or even the colors of your seed beads.

Do you enjoy finding names for your beadwork? How about someone else's beadwork? Here's your chance to name a piece of beadwork and win a beading kit from Beadwork magazine!

This piece was my first-ever challenge piece for Beadwork magazine. The kit was supplied by Red Panda Beads, and it was quite a kit for my first challenge! There was a wide selection of cylinder beads, some drop beads, triangle beads, cube beads, a lovely gold floral clasp, a bracelet finding, a pendant and a spool of Spider Wire beading thread. I was completely overwhelmed by it all and had no idea where to start.

My first idea was to make a bead-embroidered cuff bracelet with all those yummy beads. The textures and colors would have been amazing – but sadly, I didn't have nearly enough time to do it. I began to think about that beautiful crystal and enamel pendant and a new idea began to form. It turned out to be the Longest Twisted Herringbone Rope in the Entire World because it felt like it actually got shorter the longer I worked on it!

Do you love a good challenge? Here's one for you! Let's name this piece of beadwork!

This was an amazing beading kit to work with. It included several colors of Delica beads, seed beads, drop beads, long Magatamas, findings, and a spool of Spider Wire beading thread!

Here's how it works: Take a good look at this piece of beadwork and come up with a name for it. Leave your name as a comment on this blog post. You'll have until Wednesday, November 30th to come up with a name. If you come up with more than one name, you can leave another comment with it! After November 30th, we'll close the comments on this blog post and choose from the names suggested. The person who suggests the name we choose will win a beading kit, courtesy of Red Panda Beads that includes everything you see here. (Unfortunately due to customs regulations, we can only send this prize to residents of the U.S.)

So put on your thinking caps and grab a cup of tea. Come up with the best name you can think of (or two or three names!), post them here as comments on the blog, and you just might win this big beading kit! (Free beads – who doesn't love free beads?)

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