What's Better Than Six Beaded Earring Projects? Six FREE Beaded Earring Projects!


Beaded earrings don't have to match a bracelet or a necklace. In fact, when I wear earrings I prefer them to be statements all by themselves. Beaded earrings are like little miniature works of beadwoven art. And once you get started, they really are addicting – make one pair and you won't be able to stop!

Looking at all the gorgeous earring designs available in the Beading Daily Shop and on Beading Daily made me think about some of the reasons I love beaded earrings:

1. Beaded earrings are (usually) easier to wear than a large statement necklace or bracelet. Most of the time, if an earring is done right, you won't even know that it's there.

2. Beaded earrings are great projects for beginners because they don't have to take a lot of materials or time. You can make a gorgeous pair of beaded earrings using just a few special beads in just a couple of hours.

3. Learning a new technique can sometimes be easier if you try it by making a pair of beaded earrings.

We've updated our popular earring free eBook to include more beaded earring patterns! In addition to Kelli Burns' gorgeous Hydrangea Earrings and Michelle Mach's Crystal Corona earrings, you can find four new earring patterns in 6 Free Earring Patterns to Learn How to Make Earrings: Designs and Instructions for Beaded Earrings:

Fringe earrings and fun and fast, as you can see in Pat Wexelblat's Twigs and Branches. Make up several pairs in your favorite colors or experiment with different shapes of leaf beads for fun results. Move on to Teri Wlachin's easy Desert Skies earrings, made with basic branched fringe and a spectacular color combination reminiscent of the American Southwest. Bead artist Leslie Rogalski shows us that it really is hip to be square with the cool cube beads she uses in her Figure 8 earrings. Feathers are another hot trend, showing up everywhere from runway models to American Idol, and you can get your own feathery fix with Melody MacDuffee's Umber Pheasant Feather Earrings.

Beaded earrings make a great weekend beading project, and they're great for informal beading get-togethers. Why not grab a few of your friends and pass the ear wires? Have fun making your own beautiful beaded earrings!

Get your copy of our new free eBook 6 Free Earring Patterns to Learn How to Make Earrings: Designs and Instructions for Beaded Earrings today and get started making beaded earrings! It's free!

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