What Type of Seed Beader are You?

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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Seed beads have changed many a life. Recently, mine! Ask my vacuum cleaner (you all know the dreaded sound of sucking up seed beads!). I'm still happy with my beloved peyote stitch and want to get up the courage to learn a new stitch very soon. Travelling is a breeze these days as I board the plane with my sticky mat in hand (thanks Beadalon), tubes of luscious seed beads, needles and thread. Upon embarking on this addictive endeavor, I had no idea there was such a wide variety of seed-beady projects, from jewelry to sculpture and everything in between.

I've fallen in love with Seed Bead Fusion by Rachel Nelson-Smith. The projects in this lovely book are more than enticing, and I can't wait for a quiet moment in my busy lifestyle to start beading one of them. They have a more artistic aesthetic than I've been exploring, and it got me thinking about all the different types of beaders out there.

The Artful Beader

You create one-of-a-kind, complicated, out-of-the-box designs for the sheer sake of beauty. If you had to make another one or teach a class, you'd faint! You're more the "art for art's sake" type of beader, taking the less traveled path, rarely following a pattern. Your creations are pretty unique, mixing wire, beads, and other media together.

Your motto: Impossible you say, bring it on!

The Crafty Beader

You buy your first beading kit at a big bead show, create a lovely bracelet, figure you could make millions selling beads, then use up most of your retirement purchasing a bead shop so you can "make money doing what you love." Problem here is you're now too busy running a shop to make another beaded creation the rest of your life.

Your motto: Do what you love, the money will follow . . . and then you'll buy more beads for inventory.

The Beady Dabbler

You have dozens of projects halfway complete sitting in boxes waiting for the finishing muse to strike or at least a fairy or two to sneak in and stitch up all your UFOs in the middle of the night. You have kits and beads stashed in every nook and cranny taking over every room of the house, if your HD were living in the RV outside.

Your motto: More is always better in beading.

The Stitch Techie

Your fascination is in learning new stitches. You like to challenge yourself with one stitch after another; each of them another notch on your beady bedpost. You buy book after book searching for the next stitching gauntlet.

Your motto: Conquer or die by the thread!

The Slacker Beader

Your tension is always an issue in that peyote stitch! You learn just enough to get hooked, then see something shiny across the room or a different beady color pallet and run off to buy MORE beads. You see the most beautiful triple-advanced seed-bead project in a magazine, buy all the materials, try 12 rows, get discouraged with the uneven edges, and toss that project in the drawer. That was your first project. Oh, and you'll never finish it . . .

Your motto: There's always tomorrow.

Whatever type of beader you are (shhhhhhh, I'll keep your secret), there's one common denominator, we all love to bead! It doesn't matter if you've created one project or a million, playing with beads calms your stressful day, gives you strength through a rough chapter in your life, and warms your heart to create such beauty. That's what Seed Bead Fusion does for me. I invite you to take a peek and see for yourself!

Free Seed Bead Project

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