What to Wear with Summer's Jewelry

I don't know if you've had a chance to pick up the latest issue of Jewelry Stringing yet, but I promise it's packed full of great jewelry to wear with your favorite summer outfits. Although if you're like me, sometimes you shop for outfits to match the jewelry you just made, not vice versa! As I flipped through the magazine again the other day, I started imagining the types of clothes that would look good with some of the pieces. I'll share some of my ideas below!



Ashleigh Becker's Earthy Girl necklace, which was part of our Modern Cowgirl collection of projects, would look great with a casual printed summer dress with Western flair. This one is from the Sundance Catalog. I like how the collar of the dress is high–this allows the necklace optimal display space (it would get lost in a V-neck). Pair this look with some fun cowboy boots for full-blown urban cowgirl style.




This dress from Anthropologie would make a great companion to Megan Milliken's Summer Petals necklace, which was part of our Flower Market project collection. The necklace is a fun compilation of various dainty chains pulled together by flower-bud bead caps and ribbon. Since the necklace is adjustable, you could wear it just above the sweetheart neckline of this sweet summer frock.




I think Sara Oehler's Summer Lights necklace, which was part of our Summer in the City project collection, would be a fun addition to this outfit from the Gap! A pair of bright yellow slim pants like these would bring out the yellow highlights in the necklace's glass beads.

Do you make jewelry to match your outfits or buy outfits to match your jewelry? Share your thoughts below!

Danielle Fox, Editorial Director of Jewelry Stringing magazine

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