What Makes the Perfect Gift?

Beautiful, easy Snow Tunes resin earrings by Danielle Fox.
A few twists of wire and crystals are all you need to create these Sparkling Snowflakes earrings by Chloe Chatenever!

It's that time of year again, where I start to think about making jewelry for my friends as holiday gifts. Well, to tell you the truth, I actually start thinking about it in August, but I don't actually get organized enough to do anything about it until November or December! But the good news is that making earrings for my holiday gifts for special friends and family doesn't have to be a big deal.

Why go with beaded earrings for your holiday gifts? Here are just a few of my favorite reasons!

1. Earrings work up fast. Yes, they really do! When you need a great last-minute gift, there's nothing like pulling out your favorite beads, a pair of ear wires, and making the perfect pair of earrings. In fact, you can probably spend one afternoon making beaded earrings and have most of your holiday gifts finished!

2. One size fits all. Unlike trying to size a beaded necklace or a beaded bracelet, when it comes to earring making, one size fits all! You can't get it wrong when it comes to earring making for friends and family during the holidays.

3. Earrings are easy to personalize. Use the recipient's favorite colors, favorite materials, or favorite gemstones to make a very personal, fast, and easy holiday gift. If you're making resin earrings, like Danielle Fox's Snow Tunes earrings, you can replace the sheet music with colorful scrap book paper, origami paper, or anything else that would appeal to the recipient.

A little bit of bead stitching and some fancy findings make Danielle Fox's Pretty Presents earrings a hit for the holidays!
Learn easy origami when you make Chloe Chatanever's Wish Upon a Star Earrings.

4. Earrings can be made out of just about anything. Whether you like to do wire work, resin, bead-weaving, or origami, you can make great holiday earrings. Just dive into your favorite jewelry making supplies and see what inspires you!

And in the spirit of the holidays, why not host an earring making party for your friends? Get out the snacks, put on your favorite holiday music, set up work stations for everyone, supply them with all the beading supplies they'll need, and have fun spending time beading together!

If you need some ideas for great holiday earring making projects, the editors of Beadwork magazine and Jewelry Stringing magazine have a wonderful gift for you: the new Create Christmas Jewelry: 12 Holiday Earrings eBook! Whether you do bead stitching, wire work, resin, or mixed media jewelry, you'll find the perfect holiday earring making projects for yourself and for your friends.

Download your copy of Create Christmas Jewelry: 12 Holiday Earrings eBook, dig through your bead stash, and get ready for some holiday earring making magic!

What's your favorite type of jewelry to make for the holidays? Do you create a special piece for yourself every year? Leave a comment and share your holiday jewelry making traditions here on the Beading Daily blog!

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