What Makes It Mixed Media Jewelry?

Mixed media jewelry has been a hot trend in the DIY world for quite a while now, and I was both thrilled and a little bit scared to see it creeping over into the world of bead weaving, too. The idea of using something other than beads to create jewelry was more than a little intimidating to me. It wasn’t until I really mastered the art of bead embroidery that I started to realize just how much fun mixed media jewelry could be!

Mixed media jewelry is, simply, any kind of jewelry that incorporates more than one type of jewelry making material, such as beads, gemstones, leather, found objects, resin, paper, chain, fabric, or ribbon. The real beauty of mixed media jewelry is that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to create with any of these beading and jewelry making supplies.

My first read through The Art of Forgotten Things by Melanie Doerman was a wonderful way to find inspiration for creating mixed media jewelry using beading and bead weaving techniques. Tales From the Attic
I love Melanie’s Tales From the Attic, as it incorporates some of my favorite things: an old chandelier crystal, a snippet of ribbon, and some vintage chain.

MemoirLikewise with Melanie’s Memoir necklace – what beader/writer or writer/beader wouldn’t love a necklace featuring a tiny blank book bound with peyote stitch and strung on a necklace of shiny crystals?

Kelly Angeley’s Explorations in Beadweaving is another of my favorite beading books for incorporating more mixed media techniques into my beaded jewelry designs.

Everything But the Kitchen SinkKelly’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink lariat is a fantastically fun way to use found objects from the thrift shop (or your most recent home improvement project) in creative beaded jewelry designs.

Metropolitan GlideAnd of course, Kelly’s Metropolitan Glide necklace is the perfect way to start using mixed media jewelry making supplies and bead embroidery to capture a special memory.

Ready to start learning how to combine bead weaving with mixed media jewelry making supplies? Get your copies of The Art of Forgotten Things and Explorations in Beadweaving while they’re on sale! Both books include all the information you need about materials and beading supplies, and each project is fully illustrated so that you can follow along step-by-step. Let your creativity flourish and bloom when you branch out into the wonderful world of mixed media jewelry making with beads!

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Have you tried incorporating any mixed media jewelry making techniques into your beading projects? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your experiences and tips with us!

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