What do Skiing and Jewelry Have in Common?

While driving to work the other day, I heard the DJ on the radio point out what's hot in skiwear this winter. I found it interesting that the styles he mentioned align with a number of the trends we've been seeing in jewelry. Terms like color blocking, geometric, urban, and brights were brought up. And, though I'm a native of Colorado, where skiing is hugely popular, I have to admit that it never occurred to me there may be more to outerwear than the typical puffy jackets and snowpants!


According to Ski Magazine, the authority on gear and trends seen in the mountains and on the slopes, metallics are popular in both ski accessories and outerwear, where they are often paired with jewel tones for a rich, luxurious look.


Bold gold is a hot trend in jewelry for 2013. Visit Style.com for a glimpse of these and other big and bold accessories:


Color Blocking and Geometric Patterns

This collection shown on Ski Magazine's site shows how color blocking and geometric patterns are appearing on clothing, accessories, and skis alike.


A chunky bangle by Kate Spade and bold necklace by David Aubrey exemplify this popular theme:


Street Style

Ski Magazine also shows us that the hip urban look has found its way to the slopes!


Adorn London showcases the must-have pieces this season–jewelry designer Kirsten Goss's new Urban Edge line, described as a "nod to a gritty urban scene whilst maintaining an air of style and sophisitcation."

While I don't see myself adorning these ski fashions anytime soon, I can definitely see myself wearing any of the above jewelry!

How about you?

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