What Can You Learn On Craft Daily? Everything!

I got bit by the crafting bug early on. As a child, I watched my mother creating with crochet, knitting, and needlepoint, and some of those designs included beads. Some of those projects were among my first exposure to beading and bead crafts in general — learning how to add beads to each new craft was probably one of the things that sparked my interest in jewelry-making, too.

I still enjoy taking the occasional crafting break from bead-weaving, but I love how there are so many ways to incorporate beads into my other craft projects, too. So, it's important to me to be able to learn new crafting techniques like crochet, knitting, and even mixed media art projects.

If you're someone like me who loves to turn any craft into a bead craft, I'm so excited to introduce you to Craft Daily! Craft Daily is the best online source for watching premium craft video tutorials and workshops from some of your favorite instructors like Melinda Barta, Denise Peck, Lisa Niven Kelly, and others. You'll also find helpful how-to videos from Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist photographer Jim Lawson to help you capture great images of all your beautiful bead crafts.

With a monthly or yearly subscription to Craft Daily, you'll be able to access over 130 crafting videos and tutorials, with new videos being added weekly. Whether you're an experienced crafter or a novice looking to learn a new technique, you're sure to find something to inspire you!

The best part is that you can watch these videos instantly, on your Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device instantly to learn new crafting, jewelry-making, and beading techniques. Why learn by video?

  • It's more convenient than taking a class — you can start and stop the video whenever you'd like, watching the techniques demonstrated over and over until you get it right.
  • You get to see the techniques demonstrated in action for a better idea of how to hold your tools and materials.
  • You can refer back to the video later if you want to review the techniques.

So, head on over to Craft Daily and take a look around. You just might find a new way to use your beads in some of your favorite crafts!

Bead Happy,


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