What Can You Learn From Our Best Wire Jewelry Making Blogs?

It never fails to amaze me when I take a look at all the fabulous jewelry making resources available here on Beading Daily and over on Jewelry Making Daily. If you’ve done some jewelry making, you’ll know that there are loads of great free projects for you to download and there are limitless places to go for great advice and information from other jewelry makers and beaders.

But if you’re new to jewelry making, you’ll also find that there are lots of great resources and helpful tips for you on Beading Daily, especially when it comes to getting started making wire jewelry. These are some of my favorite wire jewelry making blogs with all the basic information you need to get started—and a few tips and pointers for those of you who have more experience making wire jewelry!
Learn how to make wire jewelry with these wire jewelry making tips and tool suggestions, such as this wire gauge.

Investing in a wire gauge is a must for anyone who wants to get started making their own wire jewelry findings.

Ultimate Selection of Wire Jewelry Making Blogs

  • Wire Basics for Beginners.

  • If you’ve never worked with wire before, you’ll need to learn a little bit about wire before you get started making wire jewelry. Learning about wire gauge (thickness), hardness and what types of metals are used to make wire for jewelry making will help you make the right choices for your first wire jewelry making project. Last fall, I wrote a little bit about the basics of using wire for jewelry making.

  • Top Tools for Working with Wire.

  • Let’s face it, beading and jewelry making tools can be expensive, but you can’t really do a good job without them. I've always believed that using the right tools for the job saves you time and money in more than one way! Purchasing the best quality jewelry making tools you can afford to is a wise investment, especially if you plan on using them for many years to come. Find out what Denise Peck, editor of Step By Step Wire Jewelry magazine and our resident wire jewelry making expert has in her jewelry making tool box!

  • Learn to Create Wire Jewelry on a Budget.

  • Denise also knows a thing or two about pursuing your passion for jewelry making, even if it means sticking to a budget. And with the price of precious metals like sterling silver and gold going up every time you turn around twice, it’s good to know that there are low-cost ways to make knockout wire jewelry!

  • Save Time and Money: Five Wire Jewelry Making Tips.

  • Someone else who knows a thing or two about wire jewelry making is Jewelry Making Daily‘s own Tammy Jones! Tammy and I got to spend a day together shopping at the Tucson bead and gem shows last month, and she is just an amazing resource for helpful tips and ideas for making wire jewelry! These five tips to save time and money will have you making jewelry like a pro.

  • Wire Jewelry Making.

  • Last but not least, check out the Wire Jewelry Making related pages on Beading Daily. You’ll find some basic wire jewelry making tips and lists of tools that you should have for making wire jewelry, as well as some recommended resources like books, magazines and videos that you can use to teach yourself right at home.

Now that you have all the information you need to get started making wire jewelry, all you need are some projects! If you’re looking for some great wire jewelry making projects along with innovative tips and techniques, you’ll be thrilled to find out that every issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry from 2010 is now available on CD! You’ll find every page from all six issues of Step by Step Wire Jewelry from 2010 in digital format along with the great instructions and expert advice that you expect from this comprehensive wire jewelry making resource. Order your copy of the 2010 Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine CD and twist and turn your way through some great wire jewelry making projects!

Are you a wire jewelry expert or a beginner? What’s your favorite wire jewelry making tip? Leave a comment and share your best wire jewelry making tips and secrets with us!

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