Welcome to Inside Beadwork Magazine

Welcome to Inside Beadwork Magazine! We couldn't be more excited to launch our new blog where, on a weekly basis, we'll bring you up-to-date community events, let you in behind the scenes, share the trends we spot, and simply chat about everything beads. We'd like to kick off our first blog by sharing a few fun facts about ourselves:

Melinda Barta, Editor

–I've tried just about every craft in the book, including glass blowing vases and bowls in 100 degree weather and Japanese embroidery that required magnifying glasses. I spent a semester assisting a blacksmith-I was his "striker," meaning I swung the hammer while he shaped the hot metal. My right arm was very strong!

–I'm the proud parent of a sweet toddler–one of her first words is "beads"!!

–I'm an avid skier and raced in downhill and cross country events in high school. Also, I've been known to skijor with my dog, Toby-we both don harnesses, join them with a long bungee cord, and I hang on tight as he runs and I skate on my cross-country skis through the woods.

Jean Campbell, Senior Editor

–I was in the corps de ballet for a classical Russian ballet company in my 20s, but my height made it necessary to often play men's roles.

–Though I was tall as a ballerina, at 5' 8", I'm actually vertically challenged in my own family. My sister is 6' tall and my 4 brothers range in height from 6' 4" to 6' 8".

–I can eat like a lumberjack with a tapeworm.


Mallory Leonard, Associate Editor

–Growing up, I'd miss the first month of school each year to tool around the country with my family in an RV, bagging history lessons on the road. By age 13, I'd been to all 50 states.

–I'm a lifelong choirgirl and have sung in venues around the world, including in England, Italy, Korea, and Carnegie Hall.

–Early in my college career, I went to culinary school on the East Coast, where I donned a wetsuit and joined the sailing team, and served chocolate on a silver platter to the Duchess of York (changing out of my wetsuit first, of course).

Kate Wilson, Project Editor

–I'm a foodie. I come from a huge Sicilian family who loves to eat, and our family events are always centered around food. Now I'm married into a family of professional chefs. I'm destined for gourmet goodness.

–My husband taught me to fly fish, and now I have my own fly rod, waders, and boots. I can also tie my own flies, and I use many of the same materials that I use for beading.

–I love crafting and editing for magazines, but once upon a time I was a wedding photographer. I still love photography, and pursue it passionately now as a hobby.

Thanks for joining us! Check back each Thursday and, in the meantime, keep in touch with us at www.beadworkmagazine.com/facebook. If you have community or charitable events you'd like mentioned here, email us at beadwork@interweave.com and include "Beadwork blog" in the subject line.





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