Welcome to Beading Daily!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here—please make yourself at home!

I'll admit, I've been experiencing just a bit of what one of my friends calls PPA—Pre-Party Anxiety. It always happens to me sometime between the time I invite people to a party and the first time the doorbell rings. Do I have enough chairs? Is it too late to change the curtains? What if no one likes the onion dip? What if no one shows up?

But pretty quickly, I realized that even if everything wasn't perfect (those curtains really must go!), it would all be OK—because of YOU. This is your community and together we're going to create something wonderful! I'm going to do my part—provide great free projects each week, plus beading tips, techniques, interviews, and more. But I'm going to depend upon you to say, "Michelle, why don't you talk about crimping?" Or to chime in and agree with my latest post—or disagree ("Actually, the best way to crimp is to twirl on one foot, hum 'Lara's Theme', and bite down on the crimp with your left molar.")

In the kitchen, cooking up some beading fun.
(Yes, those are tubes of seed beads in the saucepan!)

While I have been beading for a number of years, I do not promise to know everything—when I say we can all learn from each other, I'm including myself in that group! What I can promise you is that if you want to know something about beading that I don't know, I will find out for you! The editors of Beadwork, Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Step by Step Beads, and Stringing, not to mention all our terrific Interweave Press book authors, are eager to answer your questions, share tips and techniques, and offer free projects of all types. And we're not limited to the Interweave universe. If the best book that's ever been written on the left molar crimping technique is published by Dental Beading, Inc., then that's the book we're going to talk about.

On Wednesday, I'll tell you all about the first Beading Daily challenge and the stories behind the two projects below. In the meantime, turn up the music and let's get this party started!

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