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Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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When it comes to the world of creativity, are you schizophrenic like me? I started down the artistic path eons ago in stained glass, then moved into pottery, fused-glass jewelry, silk painting, and fabric embellishment, and I'm now hanging my beady hat in this wonderful world of jewelry. Each little creative part of my personality fights in a constant internal battle to win moments of my time to spend time making "their" form of art. Many artisans come from a different background than the one they're currently immersed in; especially when it comes to the "mixed-media" artist.

What does mixed-media really mean, anyway?

Here are my 2 cents: Mixed media means nothing gets thrown away if there's even the slightest chance of possible use in one of your future masterpieces. It means the dollar store takes up loads of time sifting through because there's a treasure trove of "possible" supplies to be used in some project down the road (which, if ever started, usually ends up as a UFO – Un-Finished Object). It means you now have a legitimate term to label your mixed-media elements called "found objects." It means every inch of fiber, every scrap of fabric has "meaning," a higher calling, if you will, to reach their true potential and be something more than death by landfill. It means even pipe cleaners have possibility . . .


I love mixed media and I love jewelry, thus the marriage of the two should be honored like peanut butter and chocolate. They just go together; plain and simple. One of the best publications around fueling this gushing waterfall of wonder is Cloth Paper Scissors. I've still got the first issue and have relished their richness ever since! I recently got a sneak peek at some of the goodies coming up for 2011. Whoa! You are in for some treats! Here are three beauties from the CPS mini books reader challenge.


Don't you love how these mini books can be worn as jewelry pieces?

Nature by Metal
by Stephany Velasquez

My Bug Book
by Holly Kennedy

Steampunk Diary
by Michelle Mach


If you received holiday gifts that just don't feed your soul (like fruitcake or a vacuum cleaner), you owe it to yourself to get that fix-check out Cloth Paper Scissors!

Come bead with me!


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