Want to Learn How to Weave Beads on a Loom? Mirrix Looms Can Show You How!

I've been in love with my Mirrix beading loom ever since I took it out of the box back in 2009. It's a well-built, sturdy, and easy-to-use bead loom that can also be used for tapestry weaving. The other thing I love about Mirrix Looms is their website and blogs, which are full of great instructions, tips, and techniques for weaving beads on a loom.

Mirrix Marketing Director Elena Chase writes the blog A Word From Elena, and just yesterday, she posted a fantastic tutorial about learning to weave beads in just twenty three pictures, using a Mirrix Loom.

This online loom weaving tutorial shows you how to set up and warp your assembled Mirrix Loom, and then how to get started weaving seed beads. The photographs in this blog guide you through each step, with clearly written directions for warping and weaving.

So if you have a Mirrix loom and haven't set it up yet to start weaving seed beads, I can highly recommend this blog post, and all of the other helpful blogs you'll find on the Mirrix Looms website. Check their blogs often for contributions from their Social Market for a Mirrix winners to see more gorgeous loomed beadwork and tapestries!

Bead Happy,


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