Want Great Jewelry-making Tips? We Got 'Em!

Years of trial and error in my beaded jewelry-making endeavors have proven to me that the best tips for beading come from people who love to bead! And looking through the last seven years of jewelry-making blogs here on Beading Daily, I see that there is no shortage of great — and free! — tips, hints, and advice for everyone who loves to bead. Whether you're a seasoned expert and professional designer, or you're just getting started learning how to bead, take a look through these six great blogs and articles available here on Beading Daily.

1. Thread is Cheaper Than Frustration.  Boy, Liz Smith was right on when she imparted that bit of beading wisdom to Michelle Mach back in 2008! Beading thread can play all sorts of tricks on you, from fraying and snapping to securely knotting and finishing your threads. And don't forget to protect your favorite four-legged friends from stray beading thread and beading needles that might fall off your table or bead mat while you're working!

2. Stitch Pro: Threading the Needle. And once you have some of your thread woes sorted out, get some excellent advice from Jean Campbell about how to get that thread into the tiny eye of your needle. No matter if you're an expert beader or just starting out, there will come a time when you'll be happy you read these tips for threading your beading needle.

3.Tips for Building Beaded Structures. Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Maggie Meister creates some incredible beaded structures using just seed beads, needle, and thread. Imagine where you could take your beaded jewelry-making designs if you tried some of these techniques for combining beading stitches! Being inspired by Maggie's fantastic beaded jewelry-making projects, as well as the dimensional beadwork of Diane Fitzgerald, I've been inspired to experiment with creating three-dimensional structures through bead-weaving in the coming year.

4. 11 Ways to Wear a Rope Necklace. I love making beaded ropes out of seed beads, and this— even if you make your beaded ropes out of seed beads, these classic ways to wear a rope necklace will inspire you to, well, make more beaded ropes! Beaded ropes are great jewelry-making projects for those times when you know you want to bead, but you just don't know what to bead. Pick your favorite tubular beading stitch (mine is herringbone), grab a couple tubes of seed beads, and go for it.

5. Best Beadwork Advice: Pithy Tips From the Pros. If you want to hear it straight from the designers, this collection of great tips and advice from the August/September 2013 Beadwork magazine contributors includes tips on creativity, practical advice for making fabulous beadwork, and looking for inspiration in unusual places.

6. Bonus: 50 Great Beadwork Tips from Beadwork Editors. Covering everything from reading charted beadwork patterns to taking care of yourself while beading to setting up the perfect beading space, you'll want to print out and post these 50 tips from the Beadwork editors so that you can refer to them for inspiration and information. Sometimes, there's nothing more inspiring than learning a new bit of beaded jewelry-making information that can help to make me a better beader!

Looking for great beaded jewelry-making projects, product reviews, artist profiles, and yes, more great beaded jewelry-making tips from the pros? Check out the 2012 Beadwork Magazine Collection CD. You'll get all 6 issues of Beadwork magazine from 2012 in digital format, exactly as they were printed, on one searchable CD. It's the perfect way to clear up a bit of space in your beading room or studio, and you can print out just the pages or projects you want! Better yet, the 2012 Beadwork Magazine Collection CD is also available to download instantly, so you can have a full of year of Beadwork magazine on your favorite desktop or laptop computer in just minutes.

What was the best bit of beaded jewelry-making advice you ever got? Do you remember who shared it with you? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and let's share our best tips and advice for beaded jewelry-making with each other!

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